Most suitable method for girl to wash their favorite girl jeans at first time

China - How to wash the new purchased girl jeans? This should be very commonly problem for each beautiful girl who just purchased their favorite jeans. Toda, this article written by the editor from website which is the best online store from cheap girl dress and jeans will help each girl learn the better way for washing.

Best cleaning time for new Jeans should be 6 to12 months

In General, each clean girl often wash their favorite jeans once after wearing for one week or two weeks. In fact, this high frequently washing will cause into great damage to jeans. If girls last this habit for a long period of time, it will make their jeans become out of the original handsome shape and girls will not get sleeve shape and comfort feeling after wear it.

However, as the remind of the tip of this part, the correct time for cleaning the jeans should be once washing after 6 to 12 months. If girls often wear jeans in the summer and have a lot of sweat, they can simple hang their jeans at the ventilated place and spray some water to let it dry under the blowing of summer wind. After this measurement, the girl clothing will not exist the odor of the sweat. If jeans had been stick on some dirty stuff, people can spray relatively amount of water and then gently summarized stolen stuff off.

Machine and Dry washing is not suitable for first washing of jeans

Each girl should have the impression that new girl jeans which had been washed at first time must be very hard after drying process. This situation is mainly due to the existing of the detergent and the layer of glue on denim. So, each girl should try not to wash their favorite girl jeans by dry washing and machine washing at the first time. It is best to wear it as wearing it. So, the shape of the jeans would be more in line with their legs figure.

Color retention treatment is very necessary to achieve the color retaining in jeans cleaning

Before washing girl jeans, each female consumer from need to do some basic color retention treatment or the color of their cheap lady clothes will be soon washed off. In fact, the color retention treatment is actually very simple. People need to first pour into some water into the basin and then add two tablespoons of white vinegar. After mixing this detergent liquid, beauty could soak their jeans soaked into this liquid for about half an hour. After this process, the color fading of the jeans will not occur.

After here, this article is end and the editor from website hope each beauty who ever purchase their cheap girl jeans and other girl dress could get useful information from his effort.


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