NEW YORK, December 9, 2014 – Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group’s imprint Taylor Trade has purchased the United States publishing rights to the latest work in the popular Life Lessons book series by author Rick Tocquigny; an innovative content creator in the inspirational market, radio host and brand consultant to Fortune 500 companies. "Life Lessons from Family Vacations".


Life Lessons from Family Vacations is an indulgent adventure in narrative storytelling. Enjoy over 50 engaging family vacation stories from the likes of Al Roker, John Glenn, Jacques Cousteau and many others reminding you of your own travels. This book will reignite your globetrotting spirit (and courage) to travel with family again. Family Vacations…we’ve all taken them. Many view family vacations as some of the greatest learning experiences and transforming points of life. According to AAA, 65 million families will travel out of state each year, continuing the tradition of family vacations.  From the mishaps, merriment and misadventures; family vacations are moments that last for generations to come.


As quoted by the Author and his wife whom have experienced many of these moments. Once you have traveled as a family, you are changed forever states Rick Tocquigny.  In the spirit of adventure and fun loving travel Life Lessons from Family Vacations has those candid moments as well as the comedic ones that everyone can relate to. Family vacations are the singular strongest memory maker for your children states Carla Tocquigny.


As an author, Rick has written six books including the award winning "When Core Values are Strategic". With the last addition in the Life Lesson line of inspirational books "Life Lessons For Grads; All Ages and Stages" hitting books stores in January 2015 (Taylor Trade) author Rick Tocquigny completes a unique inspirational and entertaining journey that will touch everyone as they continue on their personal journey through all of the milestones in life.  As CEO and Co-Founder of Artbeat of America, Rick leads a group of creative storytellers and designers; his credentials include careers at P&G, PepsiCo and Paramount. Rick chairs the P&G Alumni Network Speakers Bureau, Publishing Division, and hosts all P&G Alumni Webinars. In broadcasting, Rick’s Life Lessons Radio Show has surpassed 1300 episodes, including 200 Transformed Traveler Shows.

Married for 35 years and Dad to two serial entrepreneur daughters in Los Angeles, Rick is a self-proclaimed renaissance man- quick with a paintbrush, a jazz drummer and a fan of diverse culture having traveled to 70 countries. 

The deal was sourced and negotiated by Melissa McComas and Tsunami Worldwide Media. Tsunami Worldwide Media represents and positions authors as brands around the world. Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group’s Taylor Trade Publishing will release "Life Lessons from Family Vacations” in May of 2015.

The Rowman & Littlefield imprint Taylor Trade Publishing is the consolidation of many prestigious imprints acquired by Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group: M. Evans, The Derrydale Press, Cooper Square Press, Roberts Rinehart Publishers, Moonlight Publishing, Madison Books, Architectural Book Publishing Company, Addax Publishing, Diamond Communications, Gulf Publishing, Vestal Publishing, Bridge Works Publishing, and Republic of Texas Press and consists of an award-winning list of books.


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