De-clutter with a garage sale

Spring has sprung and it’s time to do some serious spring sorting!

Too often we find ourselves inundated with clutter – items we no longer use, need or even know we have. While there is no better feeling than donating unwanted items to a charity, if you are keen to make a few extra bucks, a garage sale may be a great option for you.

And best of all? It’s an easy and fuss free way to de-clutter – you don’t even have to leave your home!

Remember: One man’s trash is another man’s treasure

If you are a garage sale sceptic and often think “who would buy my unwanted items?” – you’d be surprised! There are plenty of people who are active garage sale hunters!

Now that you have decided to go down this path, what do you need to make your garage sale a success?

There is a right time and day

Picking the right day to host your garage sale could make or break your sale. Obviously, you want to pick a day where plenty of customers are available to ensure you are able to sell as much of your old possessions as possible, that’s why weekends are typically favoured.

Saturday is likely to be the better day, with many people choosing Sunday as a relaxing day to catch up with family and friends.

It is also important to note whether your selected day conflicts with any state holidays or special events which may affect the turnout. In contrast, many people use the long weekend to complete some jobs around the home which could mean they’re planning on hitting up a few garage sales over the weekend. Just be sure to evaluate whether you think any holidays or events could impact your sale’s success.

When it comes to time, you should always have an early start. The sale should start in the morning at approximately 7:00am or 8:00am and run for no less than 4-5 hours. Anyone who is serious about buying anything will be up and ready to go very early, but it’s important to leave some time for latecomers.

How should I promote my garage sale?

Promoting your garage sale is one of the most important aspects to a successful sale. Consider different advertising tools such as online garage sale sites, Gumtree, street signs or community notice boards – these are easy and usually free!

Remember to keep adverts short and to the point; you are hosting a garage sale, at this address and at this time. If you are planning on selling any special interest items make sure you mention them in your adverts.

Should I use signs?

Yes! Making garage sale signs and posting around your neighbourhood is a great way to advertise your sale. Remember to keep them simple with just key information regarding location and time. It is always a wise idea to post the signs the night before or the morning of the sale as they can be ruined by the weather or removed by the local council. Also, be sure to take your signs down after the sale!

What can I include in the sale?

There really are no limitations! Anything you no longer have a place for could easily become an exciting purchase for someone else. You can sell anything from clothing and jewellery to bigger items such as bicycles, exercise equipment, furniture, boats or even cars. When it comes to garage sales, anything is accepted and most things can either be sold grouped in sets or individually.

How should I price items?

Some things can be more difficult to price than others in a garage sale. For example, old and worn items that you are simply trying to get “rid of” should be priced cheaply at $1 or $2. While other possessions might be of greater value; attracting a higher price and more attention. These can include rare, unique, designer, or practically brand new items. Ensure you have items clearly labelled with a price to avoid awkward conversations with potential buyers.

Of course, as it is a garage sale, be ready for some bargaining as this is a big part of garage sales and will work in your favour when it comes to the amount of items you will sell.

And remember!

  • Have a phone handy

  • Keep your cash box in a safe location and have a range of change available

  • Don't place items right next to the road where they could be easily stolen

  • While making the exchange, always keep the money handed to you, in plain view. This prevents anyone from claiming they gave you an amount they didn't

  • If you have a dog, make sure it's kept on a leash.