Mainpac Strengthens Fleet Maintenance Management Solutions

[AUSTRALIA, 1/6/2014] – Mainpac, a premier provider of asset management solutions worldwide, strengthens their already strong fleet maintenance management solutions. As part of the company’s goal of providing innovative, cost-effective asset management solutions, their fortified fleet maintenance management is set to help organisations with large fleets streamline processes.


Mainpac recognises the key challenges associated with large fleets. Thus, the company sees the importance of improving operational effectiveness to maximise the productivity of every organisation. Mainpac ensures the correct maintenance of their clients’ fleet vehicles. They also recognise the significance of the optimised cost of maintenance in comparison with the operational effectiveness.

Cost Management

Mainpac observes that an effective fleet maintenance management has major contributions to reduced maintenance, repair, and operating cost for their clients’ fleet. Savings are driven from the following:

•    Effective warranty management
•    Reduced inventory and inventory carrying costs
•    Improvement in labour productivity
•    Reduction in new equipment costs
•    Increase in fleet availability
•    Reduction in materials costs
•    Reduction in purchasing process costs


There has been an increase in vehicle incidents because of poor maintenance practices.  For this reason, many fleet-based organisations recognise the importance of safety in their operations. To help these organisations manage routine maintenance in a time- and cost-effective manner, Mainpac facilitates condition-based maintenance of sub assets such as tyres. With the help of an efficient asset lifecycle management of automobiles, decision makers can have valuable information necessary to determine whether to maintain or replace an asset.


When organisations keep track of their large complex fleet manually, they will only face possible data errors. For this reason, access to different types of software systems is highly encouraged. As a leading provider of asset management solutions, Mainpac offers their clients a state-of-the-art system, which works well with other software applications. The company provides their clients with an advanced fleet maintenance management system that eliminates the need for limited Excel spreadsheets in managing workflow.

About Mainpac

Mainpac provides asset management solutions to hundreds of customers in over 24 countries and has been active in the industry for the last 28 years. As part of the company’s continuous commitment to improve asset performance and optimise maintenance investment, the firm collaborated with the Cooperative Research Centre for Infrastructure and Engineering Asset Management (CIEAM). Mainpac provides clients with training and post-sale support services, including professional consultancy.

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