Donald Brown’s Masterwork “A Sporting Chance For Peace” Is The Flagship For Global Peace Initiative

The Master Sculptor, CEO of The Global Gallery Limited, Looks Ahead to The Largest, Simultaneous Print Unveilings Ceremony in History On 2016’s International Day of Peace

West Midlands, UK – January 6, 2016 - World renowned sculptor Donald Brown has dedicated his multi-faceted career as an artist and globally conscious entrepreneur to humanizing art for all people to understand and appreciate by making his works relevant to real life issues.

A natural born teacher and visual storyteller, one of his best known works is his evocative breakthrough sculpture A Genius With Four Masters MA, which shows Marcus Garvey and Mahatma Gandhi high in the background while in the foreground on either side Malcolm X and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. pull apart prison bars so Nelson Mandela can climb out to freedom. This earned him a wide variety of U.S. media attention, including a feature in Essence Magazine.

Over the years, the British born artist’s works include portrait busts of Mandela and Maya Angelou; a series of figurines commissioned by actor John Amos; the Thurgood Marshall College Fund Awards, given to major American corporations for their support of education at historically black colleges and universities; and the Trumpet Awards, Originally presented by Turner Broadcasting in 1993 and now presented by the Trumpet Awards Foundation, Inc., the Trumpet Awards herald the accomplishments of Black Americans who have succeeded against immense odds.

His works are owned by everyone from Gladys Knight and Wynton Marsalis to the parents of Tiger Woods and the mother of Michael Jordan to General Colin Powell. 

Brown has written that among his aspirations are “to celebrate heroes and heroines of African descent, upholding their legacies for future generations to remember through the art of sculpture and creating an awareness and acknowledgment of our ongoing contributions to this planet.” With the creation of his powerful, multi-faceted and widely acclaimed latest sculpture, he’s aiming beyond those goals to give us all “A Sporting Chance For Peace.” 

Created over a period of four years, “A Sporting Chance For Peace” will be the flagship for a Global Peace Initiative spearheaded by Brown. The sculpture, which blends the two great passions of his life (art and sports) which also happen to have no geographical boundaries, features a dynamic interaction of people engaged in various sporting activities that function as symbols of human behavior and ideals. Brown employs art and sport as vehicles to promote peace and the positive principles that are taught through sports, such as respect, discipline humility and honesty.

These are qualities Brown has brought to his own challenges and achievements as a world champion Masters Athlete. In 2015 alone, he broke the British track and field record for the 100 meter hurdles at the World Masters Outdoor Championships in Lyon France, and won the Gold Medal for Great Britain to at the European Track and Field Championships in Poland.

He is the CEO of The Global Gallery, Limited, a UK based organization that incorporates the visual arts, performing arts and sport to address issues that include building confidence and self-esteem, striving for excellence and creating positive role models.

The top of the site’s homepage features a countdown clock lined by two rows of national flags and a flashing series of countries. It’s the Countdown To The Historic Unveiling Ceremony on September 21, 2016, the International Day of Peace. On that day, citizens in up to 207 countries (the number of nations in the UN) will be invited to unveil their print of the A Sporting Chance For Peace sculpture to complete the largest, simultaneous, print unveiling ceremony in history. 

Brown is traveling the world to present copies to key dignitaries. Recently, he presented prints to the Chief of Police for the whole of Ghana, one of the most peaceful countries in the world, and to HRH Prince Hussein of Jordan, Founder of Generation for Peace. 

By 2017, Brown’s plan is for all 207 countries to have a bronze replica of the sculpture in their country, created by bronzing experts. He hopes that a year after the global print unveiling, there will be a simultaneous bronze sculpture unveiling across the globe.