Natural And Safe Ways To Enhance Female Libido

Although, the way women and men handle relationship issues differs from one individual to other. But, most of the women want to feel secure in relationship for long-term commitment. Not in all, but in some women a low testosterone is responsible for poor drive and a supplement of testosterone hormone can work magically to improve your desire. Women who take contraceptive pills have a low libido because pills provide the extra dose of hormones progesterone and estrogens that make testosterone to stick to cells and this restricts the motion of testosterone. Although, there are many pills available at store for regulating hormone balance, natural and safe ways to enhance female libido is provided by Fantasy Capsule. The capsule contains the combination of best herbs that regulate hormone secretion in body.

Scientists mostly work on single compound and its impact, however, herbs contains compounds that are extremely complex and the impact of each individual compound is still a topic of research. The regular intake of miraculous Fantasy Capsule is considered to be one of the natural and safe ways to enhance female libido as it provides following benefits to the human body-

1. Improves digestive functions.

2. Improves immune functions.

3. Improves functioning of neurotransmitters.

4. Regulates the functioning of reproductive organs.

5. Regulates hormone production from glands.

6. Reduces impact of ageing and dullness.

In various studies it has been confirmed that women have low libido as compared to men and with the growing number of pressures women are finding it more difficult to enjoy it. Studies have found -

1. 60 percent of women are interested in getting physical at the start of a relationship.

2. After four years of relationship about 50 percent women want it.

3. 30 to 40 percent of women show a lack of interest in getting into a physical relation.

Women who are taking antidepressants have a low libido and it is because antidepressants hamper hormone balance of the body. Antidepressants reduce anxiety and stress in women. Mostly, women bond through emotions and after feeling secure in a relation, they look for

Physical aspect of it. Other factors that have direct impact on women’s response in a relation are -

1. Quality of relation

2. Attitude of both the partners (Sometimes, upbringing patterns where both the partners have dissimilar attitudes regarding conjugal life and physical love effects)

3. Emotional support

4. Quality of touch

5. Understanding of relation and patterns

6. Age

7. Health conditions

8. Intake of medicines

Some women are disappointed in their lives if they are not getting the same experience as depicted by the popular media. Some women seek for ideal relations and they expect firework every time. Sometimes, men are not in mood and they avoid it due to various factors. Women tend to feel their rejection to be a self-esteem issues, although, it can be short-term problem. Factors such as depression and anxiety can be controlled by taking natural and safe ways to enhance female libido such as Fantasy Capsule that reduces the problem of depression and also improves stamina to enjoy. It enhances physical desire and fantasies related to it in women.

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