Flight Delay Compensation Now Helps Frequent Flyers Gain Compensation for Excessive Delays and Flight Cancellations

Flight delays and cancellations plague business executives and individuals around the world with extreme wait times, plan changes, and hardships. According to the European Guideline 261/2004, flyers deemed to wait more than three hours, or those resulting in flight cancellations may qualify to receive compensation. A new website, , recently launched to assist people throughout the United Kingdom claim compensation for their hardships due to delayed and cancelled flights.

Flight Delay Compensation Now has helped millions of people throughout the U.K. and Europe suffering from excessive wait times and unexpectedly cancelled flights receive compensation for their hardships. Claims are handled on a “No Win, No Fee” basis, eliminating the concerns associated with hiring an attorney to file a suit.

“There is really no reason why an airline should need to cancel or delay a flight without proper reimbursement or compensation to their customers,” says Martin Jones, CEO at Flight Delay Compensation Now. “Flight delays and cancellations put a severe hardship on these customers – missing business meetings, events, and reducing vacation times with their families. At Flight Delay Compensation Now, we vow to help ease the burden for our clients who have suffered from excessive wait times and unexpected cancellations through appropriate compensation as deemed by law.”

There are protocols, procedures, and steps to qualify for flight delay and cancellation compensation, however. Individuals interested in learning more about the steps and qualification required to claim compensation are encouraged to visit the company’s website, which offers in-depth information on legal rights according to European Guideline 261/2004, how to file a claim, and approximately how much compensation a claim may be awarded.

For more information about Flight Delay Compensation Now, visit or call 0800-634-8668.

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