How Businesses Can Earn a Good Name or Revenue with a Mobile App or Game

Today, we are living in a smartphone era. Smartphone market is surging ahead like a nuclear-powered ship, (and there does not seem to be any stopping for at least several years). Every fifteen days or so, any of the well-known mobile devices manufacturers like Samsung, HTC, Sony, LG, and others comes out with new, better, and powerful smartphone devices. Wonder, what is driving this smartphone market? Well, here are the answers to the reason behind the driving force of smartphone market.

·         Smartphone devices are a perfect alternative for desktop computers. With today’s smartphone devices, people can do most of the things that they do on desktop computers.

·         Smartphone devices are available in various price ranges and, therefore, almost anyone can afford to purchase and use one.

·         Smartphone devices enable people to search for anything on the go! Mobile internet plans are very cheap these days, and most of the smartphone users can choose and use one easily. With smartphone and internet collaboration, people can search, browse, socialize, listen music, watch or upload videos, and do all sorts of things while they are mobile!

·         Then there is the most amazing thing that today’s smartphone devices deliver – Games & Applications, and a whole lot of entertainment! Whether it is Apple’s iPhone, Google’s Android, Microsoft’s Windows Phone, or any of the several other latest smartphone operating systems, smartphone users have hundreds and thousands of games and apps available.

With the rise of the smartphone market, device manufacturers and mobile internet providers are at the advantage, but various small and medium businesses can be benefitted, too! For instance, look at the usage of games and applications on smartphone devices. If a business can land an app or a game on a smartphone device, the business will be able to advertise itself among a plethora of smartphone users. This will indeed create a good name for their business, and people now, as we know, always seek products and services of a business having a good name!

The thought of getting an app or a game developed for smartphone devices, and getting it into the smartphone markets, seems easy. However, the fact is that, getting an app or a game developed for smartphone is no easy task. Designing and programming an app or a game sure is a tough task, but getting it into the smartphone application markets is yet another big hurdle. Below is a brief that will help a business decide which app to choose for development, how to deliver the app to users, and everything in-between.

·         A business must first choose an exclusive niche for the app or game. They should decide what they want from the app or game (goodwill (free app / game) or revenue (paid app/ game)). Whatever the business decide, they need to be sure to choose a popular niche, which is not too saturated.

·         A business should search for all the similar apps or games that they have decided to develop in various app stores. They should analyze those apps or games – their download statistics, ratings, and reviews.

·         Then a business should download some of those apps or games, to know their pros and cons. It will also help them to know what is so great about those apps or games, from the user perspective. Even if the business has to pay for those apps or games, it is worth paying because it gives a good idea about the competition.

·         Then think about features that will make the app or game unique and set it apart from the competition. A word of caution here – the app’s or game’s features should be minimal initially. If the app or game has too many features, it will make it difficult for users to understand and use the app or game. Yes, more features can be added, but keep them for the future release or later versions.

·         Now, it is time to decide about the mobile platform. If the business thinks that their app or game will be more successful on android platform, then they should go for android app or game. The same thing applies for other mobile platforms. If the business is absolutely sure about the success of the app or game, then they get the app or game developed for all the major mobile platforms. Of course, cross-platform mobile application development (universal app for multiple mobile platforms) option is available, but oftentimes, cross-platform mobile apps and games are too slow to work on some smartphone devices.

·         Once deciding on the platform, a business should try to make a few rough UI (User Interface) sketches of the app or game. This is a good idea instead of writing the features down.

·         Now the business should hire the services of a good mobile app development company. While searching, a business should search for a mobile app development company that has competent team of app developers and has a good record of accomplishment. Before hiring the app development company, make sure that they help place the app or game in the app markets.

·         For the app or game to be accepted in the market, and found by the users, the following things are crucial; hence, ensure that an app development company keeps them in mind and follow them.

o   App’s or game’s code quality i.e. the app or game should be high-performing and free from error

o   Ideal name and description of the app or game (it will help people find the app or game in the app market)

o   Good screenshots of the app or game, which will highlight the app or game to the user

·         Now, the app or game will be live in the market and delivered to the users. However, the app or game development does not end here. Once the app or game is live and delivered, to the users, the business should keep a close attention to users’ feedback. The business should take those feedbacks seriously. Send those feedbacks to the mobile app development company, which will help them develop better versions of the app or game. This will eventually make the app or game the best, well-accepted among users. Good apps and games, on the other hand, will either earn a good name for business or help generate good revenue.