After a stunning win by Brazil against Colombia via free-kick by David Luiz's super genes which left Neymar with a broken vertebrae that ruled him out of the world cup, and that sent home James Rodriguez not dancing anymore, It's time to face a much stronger team that has it's oracle way back in 2010 which almost made Germany the world cup champions but not yet according to paul. So this time Brazil face off against Germany at 21:00 BST on July 08, 2014 Tuesday at the Estadio Mineirao in Belo Horizonte for the semi-final round of FIFA World Cup 2014, and the question of who will replace Neymar continues. And since nothing to rely on so far, it's safe to assume and vouch on the super genes of David Luiz who can lead the favorite Brazil team into the finals but to beat the Germans, Brazil needs Scolari brings Brazil their world title way back 2002 with a 2-0 victory over Germany in the final if anybody can still remember that. Weather Brazil can repeat 1962 to claim world cup championship is still close to possibility because Neymar is looking forward to risk everything to play in the finals if his team will move forward past the Germans tonight, by injecting something which I think would temporary heal his vertebrae as per his doctor but is very dangerous to risk on, unless it's David Luis super genes is administered maybe Neymar can heal and be back to his original form and maybe become super Neymar even the incredible hulk or simply just like David Luiz is enough or to simplify just to be replace by Willian or Bernard. On the other hand the Lazio team will surely mean business this time as they will show Brazil that the lazio team headed by Muller, Ozil and Boateng will remain to their manta that the Germans always win.