How Long Do The Effects Remain With Cellulite Remedies

Normally only begin to see results from the second or third session, since the dermis cells take about 30 days to produce collagen type I and 90 days to produce collagen type III,' concludes.

How long do the effects remain?

The collagen remains and is evident for about 18 months, but the natural process of proceeds, so to retain the degree of contraction of the dermis and deep tissue recommended one to two maintenance sessions per year. Get More articles on Joey Atlas Review

How much?
The price depends on the number of treatment sessions. The cost per session ranges between 100 and 300, depending on the equipment and medical aesthetic center.

The (r) evolution in the Body Shaping technology

It is the first device noninvasive body remodeling (alternative to surgical liposuction) that combines ultrasound and radio frequency, so not only eliminate fat deposits and to promote tissue firmness.

It incorporates a patented technology which controls the temperature of the skin and prevents overheating the surface.

It is indicated for the treatment of localized fat.

How to act? Acts in three steps:
1.    Reaches the deeper layers of fat.

2.    Separating the fibrous structures of protection of adiposities into individual units, making it more accessible to treatment 3.

Reactive metabolic activity of adiposities, accelerating the process of and thus decreasing the volume of the fat layer