Get Paid To Site, Is Offering Free Advertising, Cash And Gift Cards To New Users

One week into its worldwide launch, has upped the stakes and is now paying 5000 Rewards Credits ($5 Value) to any new members that register and complete their first task.

With the 5000 Rewards Credits, members can automatically redeem them for targeted advertising for anything that they wish to promote through Live To Earn, gift cards, cash, or they can use them to purchase sweepstakes entries to earn even more Rewards Credits.

What Is Live To Earn?

Live To Earn is an online rewards portal and “get paid to” website where users earn virtual currency (Rewards Credits) redeemable for real-life cash and prizes for performing the everyday actions they already take online - like searching the web, posting comments, playing games, viewing ads, watching videos, shopping, etc.

Live To Earn is free to join, and provides an unlimited amount of earnings opportunities for its users. It does not require their members to purchase anything to earn, which means that Live To Earn members have the ability to earn as much money as they want purely based on their efforts – not on their investment.

In addition to paying its users for completing tasks, Live To Earn offers a wide variety advertising solutions for its members to take advantage of when looking to promote their own businesses, affiliate offers or products and services.

Signing up to Live To Earn and completing a task is straightforward and takes less than a minute to complete. The free 5000 Rewards Credits promotion is only being offered for a limited time, so action should be taken as soon as possible.

To sign up for free at Live To Earn and take advantage of the 5000 Reward Credits promotion, simply visit