PurOtic All Natural Ear Cleaner with Patented Silicone Applicator


Manhattan Beach, CA (June, 10th 2014) - The second most popular reason dog owners visit a Veterinarian is due to issues with their pets ears.*2012 VPI Pet Ins. This translates into millions of pet owners who would greatly benefit from ear cleaning that could easily and effectively be performed at home.

Until now, there has never been a product to help aid in the delivery of ear medicine and cleaning. What this meant is that without PurOtic pet owners had no choice but to clean the ear flap or use the hard plastic nozzle on top of their bottles in order to attempt to get the cleaner deep into the ear. That not only wasted expensive cleaner, but also damaged countless ears in the process.

Being the only ear cleaner with a patented soft silicone applicator is what sets PurOtic apart from the competition. “This applicator makes PurOtic the safest and most effective at home ear cleaner ever produced” says Santa Barbara veterinarian Steven G Lewis.

Many dog and cat owners have trouble applying ear drops to their pet. These pets resist medicating by quickly moving or shaking their head during cleanings. The flexible silicone applicator of PurOtic ensures that the solution gets deep into the inner ear where it is most effective and where infections and odors start. This soft silicone applicator greatly reduces the chance of injury from a resisting pet.

PurOtic natural cleansing wash has a specialized non-irritating emulsifying agent that is used in emergency rooms to clean impacted ears of infants.  This highly refined emulsifier is superior at breaking up wax. Extra strength PurOtic contains essential oils with anti-septic properties and natural fragrances that are added to leave the pets ears smelling fresh and clean. Regular Strength PurOtic contains herbal extracts which are perfect for cats.

With its ease of use and low pressure dispenser, the smaller 4oz version of PurOtic has been praised by the elderly and those with arthritis as the only option to clean their pet’s ears.  PurOtic has two formulas; one for dogs & cats and an extra strength for dogs only. An ear dryer is also available for pets prone to ear moisture. PurOtic’s safe, easy and fast ear cleaners are available at     in 4oz and 8oz bottles.

About Innovet Pet Products
Innovet is a medical technology firm, with offices in Manhattan Beach & Gardena, CA., that serves Veterinary clinics, researchers and the general public.  Founded in 2005, Innovet Pet Products focuses on the treatment of pets that are hard to train and medicate. In 2012, Innovet Pet Products merged with TLM Research Labs LLC. The merger has expanded Innovet’s base of engineers, scientists, medical doctors and sales professionals. Together, the Innovet team strives to seamlessly integrate cutting edge technology with practical solutions to problems that every pet owner will encounter. The company’s goal is to give the modern pet parent reliable and innovative tools to assist their pet in the safest and most effective way possible.

David Louvet