Seven Ways Document Management Software Can Make Real Estate Easier

Document management software can optimize operations and ease the paperwork shuffle involved in buying and selling real estate. The latest, innovative document management applications provide many convenient features to professionals in the real estate industry, allowing them to better handle the contracts, deeds and other documents involved in their daily work.

The digital revolution has helped many industries become better at managing vast amounts of paperwork. New document management programs provide real estate professionals with the following benefits:

  • Electronic signing. Thanks to the federal ESIGN act, electronic signatures are legal and binding. This means agents can access documents for clients to sign with a finger or stylus pen, directly onto a tablet device. Now they no longer have to return to the office or carry loads of paperwork around as they travel. This not only makes agents more effective, it also makes them more eco-friendly, as they use less fuel traveling from place to place.
  • Customization. The best document management software programs are customizable, allowing users to set up document tracking, auditing and recording protocols the way that works best for their individual businesses. Plus, with a digital eForms creator, real estate agencies can create company specific web forms for internal use, or to present a professional contract packet to clients.
  • Remote access. New cloud-based document management allows the office to e-mail agents with leads and assignments, as well as important documents as needed, while agents are out of the office. Workflows can also be set up, allowing agents to submit documents for approval from wherever they may be. The latest technology also makes it easy for agents to scan paper documents and submit them via the Internet.
  • Audit prep. Advanced document management programs will allow fast access to financials as well as other critical business records in the event of an audit. This also allow agents to quickly find documents which they may need, at a moment’s notice.
  • Streamlined tasks. Document management software solutions can make many of the tedious tasks of real estate much easier and more efficient. These daily processes may include tasks such as tracking tenant insurance certificates, and ensuring deadlines are met. This helps agents make better use of their time while also making sure that all responsibilities are properly completed.
  • Secure storage. The latest document management programs not only provide convenient access to important documents, but they also securely store them in case problems arise with your network, or an unforeseen disaster occurs. Users never have to worry about misplacing or losing important paperwork, plus password-based permissions ensure that each user can only access the documents associated to their processes.
  • Ease of use. Document management software created for real estate applications is simple and intuitive. Easy to implement and even simpler to user, agents and other staff members can quickly and easily master it with little need for training.
By investing in new technology that provides for streamlined document management and remote access, real estate agencies can help their agents spend more time on sales and customer service, and less time on paperwork to increase revenue-earning potential.