The reason of defect bearing to form a spiral line


Bearing in the process of grinding, the surface is working on the high-speed rotation of the grinding wheel grinding, therefore when grinding if not operated according to the working instruction and adjust equipment, will work in the bearing surface flaws, that affect the overall quality of the bearing. FAG 6204 Deep Groove Ball Bearing in the precision grinding, due to high demand for rough, work surface grinding traces can often use the naked eye to observe its surface grinding marks mainly has the following kinds. Traces of the performance of cross helical traces appear this kind of reason is mainly due to the grinding wheel bus flat laymen is poor, there is concave and convex phenomenon, when grinding, grinding wheel and workpiece is only part of the contact, or after grinding wheel movement back and forth several times, when the workpiece in artifacts will reappear cross helix and the naked eye can be observed. These spiral pitch and the size of the workpiece speed, workpiece speed, but also associated with grinding wheel axis and workbench guide rail is not parallel.

The main reason for (a) spiral form:

1. The grinding wheel dressing, edge chamfer, coolant not used for finishing;

2. The table guideway guide oil too much, cause a floating table;

3. Machine tool accuracy is bad;

4. The grinding pressure, etc.

(2) of helix formation of the specific reasons:

1. V rail bad rigidity, when grinding wheel to produce deviation, only edge grinding wheel surface contact with work; The valve inlet pump

2. Trim noisy round table when the reversing speed is not stable, accuracy is not high, a edge dressing grinding wheel is made slightly less;

3. Poor rigidity workpiece itself;

4. Have broken too peeling sand grinding wheel and workpiece under the grinding of iron product attached to the grinding wheel surface, therefore should be dressed wheel with cooling water flushing or scrub clean;

5. Grinding wheel dressing is bad, such as local protuberance. Reappearance covered surface covered surface traces of the main reason is because of the grinding wheel cutting edge is not sharp, "eating up" occur when grinding, the vibration is larger.