Things to Be Aware Of When Buying Jewelry Findings and Ring Bases

Jewelry findings are the components, including the hooks and ends that hold everything in a piece of jewelry in place, so that they can be worn. These jewelry findings include earring hooks, head pins, eye pins, crimps, clasps, necklace catch, jump rings, ring bases, and many more. The bases for rings are available for purchase in various materials such as brass, matte silver, gold, copper, gunmetal, bronze, stainless steel and sterling silver. These are sold at many hobby shops locally and at online bead stores.

If you find it hard to find ring bases at local craft stores, you may try making your own with very few basis materials, such as wire of 18 – 20 gauge in your favorite color, pliers and wire cutters.  It is easy to do. Just cut a piece of 6” wire and all it will take is folding one end and creating a spiral. When done, you form the remaining wire into a round shape. Make sure the wire end touches the spiral. You now have a ring base where you can attach an item such as a fabric flower or a button at the top. If you do it beautifully, you might consider producing several ring bases to sell.

Once your creations are selling well, you may now consider buying wholesale jewelry findings, specifically ring bases. If you make your purchases in bulk, you will reap some benefits that include an increase in your profit margin and savings in time and money.  Producing a new product will cost you less and you will cut down your time on local trips to different bead shops. Therefore, you wouldn’t have the gas and commute expenses to bear.

However, there are a few things that you should be aware of when buying wholesale jewelry findings such as ring bases. Remember that in most states, you need to show your tax ID before you’re allowed to buy in bulk; it’s because the products that you buy are not only offered for lower prices, but you also often get them with certain taxes not applied to them.

Then there is the issue about your budget. If you are just starting with your jewelry business, it is not wise to spend a lot of money buying wholesale jewelry findings and ring bases. Bulk purchasing will definitely not work for your business. Unless your business is established, do not order in large quantities. Just concentrate on your sales first and when it picks up, you can start thinking of buying big and bulk.

To help you get on the right track buying wholesale jewelry findings and ring bases, you should learn how to compare prices. You might find it exciting to get offers of major discounts; but if you take time to first look around before buying, you might find even greater deals. Deal only with sites that are recommended by fellow jewelry artists or you can visit review sites and buy from a site which has no negative feedback.  Maybe a bad comment or two about the service is okay, but not when all that you see are complaints and more complaints.