For some time, has made quite a name for itself being the leading provider of fishing equipments for enthusiasts of  fish trolling, newbie amateurs and seasoned professionals. The norms however, as simple as they are, must be understood, remembered and followed meticulously by all. Items are generally shipped across 48 of the states of USA and also outside those states, and to different countries as well. Shipments sent within the 48 states are free and for destinations that do not fall within the geographical boundaries of these states, items are charged on the basis of weight of the equipment, dimensions and the destined place. Taking these factors into consideration, final shipping cost is calculated. Extra handling charges are none.

A consumer wishing to buy any saltwater trolling or power trolling equipment can place an order online by visiting at, dialing 1-(800)-383-5156, or by sending an email at Orders will receive a confirmation by email. As the item is shipped, another email is sent to the customer. The email comprises of information regarding date of shipping, delivery service and tracking number. The tracking number is activated within 24 hours after the item has been shipped. With the help of the tracking number the consumer can track the current status of the shipped product. All standard debit and credit card payments are accepted. International orders are separately processed in accordance with measurements and destination. Email has to be sent to receive an invoice including the costs and expected shipping time. Rebates are given. Taxes and duties are totally responsibilities of the consumers. Prices are subject to variation without any prior notice and if a consumer is not satisfied by the alteration in price, he or she can choose to cancel the order entirely.

If any consumer wishes to return any product already purchased, that must be done within 30 days, item being unused and totally packed. Lost, unsealed and damaged products are responsibilities of the customers and are not accepted by the company. Consumers interested to know more about the policies can call the customer support now at 1-(800)-383-5156. For a detailed clarification, an email is to be sent at The official website address, which is, also contains detailed lists of items, their prices, rebates, taxes and the entire shipping norms for a detailed research.

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