Tackling the Rural Physician Shortage One Physician Auction at a Time

The Annals of Family Medicine recently published an article in which they concluded that by 2025, the US will need 52,000 more primary care physicians. It was also suggested that distribution is a major issue. We hope to address such imbalances through providing a transparent marketplace whereby physicians and employers can rightsize the incentive for specialization and practice location selection.

While the physician shortage is very real -- the ability to find the right candidate for your healthcare facility has just gotten easier and more efficient. just launched and is expected to revolutionize physician recruiting through a transparent and user friendly online tool. There is no need to search through multiple sites or have to budget for pay-per-click fees or even pay for placing the ad. Instead, HiredMD let's you attract, seek and find and if you find a fit -- then a fee but only if you hire someone and not before. Here's how it works.

With the popular bidding component in place, HiredMD goes beyond the typical job-matchmaking sites by having both employers and physicians register and be approved prior to participation. Once approved, the two sides can communicate freely and schedule interviews to take place offline. Following the interview, employers place anonymous bids on candidates, where the amount can be seen, but not the employer’s details. Physicians are free to counter bid, accept any offer they like, or none at all. is the Physician Marketplace in which employers compete for their next great Physician Hire. Employers and doctors post openings and profiles for free, match, interview, and negotiate. All specializations welcome.

According to Darryl Glover, Co-Founder of DarDan Ventures which launched HiredMD, the recruitment site provides a centralized location to make it easier to find talented physicians. “Primary care is experiencing the greatest shortage especially in rural areas. makes it easier for healthcare hiring managers to find doctors looking for these employment opportunities." HiredMD is a job site community bringing together qualified physicians and hiring hospitals, medical facilities, clinics and physician practices to easily attract and find candidates quickly and thoroughly during a climate of extreme physician shortage.