With Macerating Function Saniflo and Gerber Toilets Can Vastly Improve Home Plumbing

Brooklyn, NY, January 21, 2014 – Decor Island is encouraging homeowners to consider installing Gerber or Saniflo toilets with macerating functions to help improve the overall functionality of their home plumbing.

“During the winter in particular we are concerned about freezing pipes and other compromises to a home’s plumbing. With macerating toilets you have a system to break up waste before it leaves the toilet and enters your home’s larger plumbing system. The results help avoid clogged pipes that can get quite messy,” said Mike Kops, CEO of Decor Island.

Acknowledging the benefits of these macerating functions most of the biggest names in manufacturing toilets have begun including them in their commodes. While many Saniflo and Gerber toilets now include macerators these companies also offer separate macerating pumps that homeowners can install on already in use toilets.

Decor Island is a web based retailer of home fixtures for bathrooms, kitchens, and other areas of the home. Stocking a warehouse full of items from industry leaders in the home fixture manufacturing the company is highlighting these macerating toilets in an effort to improve the longevity and functionality of home owner’s plumbing.

Over the past several years macerating pumps have become increasingly ubiquitous in toilet manufacturing. Owing to homes that are aging and restrictive home renovation budgets this new addition to your toilet is a relatively inexpensive way to preserve the pipes that run beneath homes nationwide.

To learn more about macerating toilets or to place orders, visit the Decor Island’s website at To speak to a sales person or to raise pertinent product queries call the company at 800-440-5919. Customers can also stay connected with Decor Island on Facebook at and Twitter at The online retailer also maintains a bathroom and kitchen fixtures blog at