NESTA Announces Updated Speed Agility And Quickness Trainer Certification



Rancho Santa Margarita, CA (January 08, 2014) - The NESTA Speed Agility and Quickness Specialist (SAQ) project is intended for games and fitness preparing experts who need to extend their professions and furnish better games execution drilling than their customers and sportspeople.


Coaches and mentors who work with jocks in games like ball, volleyball, football, soccer, track & field, MMA and others will identify the noteworthy profits of this planet class instructional class. This extraordinary project will show you how to make exhaustive SAQ preparing projects with practically no gear, and additionally utilizing more progressed preparing devices. The certification comes in a PDF format that covers a wide range of activities. It speaks about the design of the program, the science of exercise and prevention from injury along with the safety techniques. It also covers the stretch ups and warms ups and drills. Apart from these there are many more to the format that can benefit the user in a huge way.


The spokesperson of the company speaks, “The program has been designed in such a way that can train the user and also allow him to personalize the drills and to provide an analytic view for the others”.


The steps are clearly mentioned in the format. The first step says to access the type of the sport along with the position of the athlete. The second step is to access the present abilities of the athlete. The first two steps help in the determining of the third step that is the designing the customized program. The fourth step is to instruct the SAQ drills.


A senior person from the company says, “We have a keen target of providing the basic and technical ideas regarding the various sports and drill methods. We have tried to make the certification in a way that can benefit all the users of the program”.


The certification allows answers the HOW and WHY questions in the athlete section. It also defines the various variations of the movement of the different sports.


A user of the certification program speaks, “I have benefited a lot by the certification program of Nesta”.


The certification also benefits the users in a number of ways. The user can first of all take the training on a new level. Second the users can personalize the training sessions and the drills on their own way. The various videos of different trainings are provided for the need and experience of the user.


About NESTA:

Nesta has provided the sports person with the certification program that will allow them to be a trainer and also to analyze the different sports person. The certification program can be checked out at



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