Economic reports from multiple sources show that severe winter weather has impacted a large majority of businesses, creating a compressed revenue cycle. The construction industry in particular will now have a shorter time period to bid on and complete major jobs. 

“Depending upon location, construction and roofing projects nationally would typically be well underway by mid-March. Unfortunately, the extended harsh winter has pushed us into late April, with some areas still unable to begin construction,” said Dale Tyler, president of of National Roofing Partners. “Now what is already a condensed cycle becomes even more so, creating a greater challenge for those needing to complete large projects.”

Construction cycles vary from region to region. Southern construction companies are conditioned to what is often a 12-month construction cycle, while the majority of companies see a more varied cycle, subjective to winter weather. Alaska, for example, has a construction cycle of less than six months. Longer winter cycles and shorter working construction cycles mean less time for construction and commercial roofing projects.

This winter season, particularly the harsh November weather, hit almost all regions harder than usual halting many projects already underway. While north and northeastern companies are accustomed to extended winter and such delays, cycles have been postponed through most of April creating a double-condensed cycle. In the south this will reduce the usual 9 – ½ month cycle to as little as 7 – ½ months.

“The materials will be available, so there should not be many backorder issues,” said Tyler. “However, logistics is problematic. Obviously having to wait on material deliveries negatively impacts the timeline of any project, particularly one that is already on such a tight timeline.”

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