Dodge pcm

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For those of you who do not know, a PCM (or a powertrain control module) represents an automotive part used in vehicles. Being normally a combined control unit, which might consist of the ECU (or engine control unit) and the TCU (an abbreviation for transmission control unit), the PCM represents the brain of the engine system, being able to control a lot of factors in one’s vehicle. Should you feel that your jeep pcm or dodge pcm is defective, then you are required to get in touch with one of the most trustworthy companies ever, namely Solo Automotive Electronics!

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In what concerns the lifetime warranty terms and conditions, you ought to bear in mind that you get a total of fourteen days in order to return the old part (core) to initiate warranty. Absolutely all the claims have to be accompaniedby the original bill of sale, as well as the warranty form. It will become your responsibility to maintain the tracking number of the returned core. Should the core is not received within the given time frame, then the warranty is void with absolutely no exceptions.

What is more, Solo Automotive Electronics will not be responsible for defects like overcharging, electrical shorts or other defects in components which can trigger damage or failure to unit. You need to fully comprehend that the part will be purchased with the understanding that the customer has properly diagnosed the vehicle. The members of Solo Automotive Electronics are not liable for shipping charges, repair costs, towing or any work done by third parties. Also, the warranty will be voided should there be spotted any attempt to alter or update the programming. Bear in mind that absolutely all the warranties are subject to this Miami-based company’s approval.

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