Victory Media: President’s Community College Proposal Pushes Education Dialogue in Right Direction


Victory Media: President’s Community College Proposal Pushes Education Dialogue in Right Direction

Private-sector platforms connect the classroom to careers at no cost to taxpayers.

PITTSBURGH, PA (January 20, 2015) – President Obama’s $60 billion proposal to offer free community college signals a positive change in America’s education dialogue, but private sector experts say the issue remains less about the type of institution students attend and more about what students learn while there.

“Educators and employers are disconnected right now,” states Chris Hale, chairman of Victory Media. “The American educational system, from K-12 to community colleges to four-year institutions, focuses too much on teaching to a standardized test and an academic focus that largely ignores job relevance. If we shifted our resources and energy to teach skills that lead to meaningful employment, we can lower tuition costs, curb unemployment rates among young people and close the employment skills gap. Connecting classrooms to careers is good for students, parents, businesses and America.”

Since 2001, Victory Media has connected transitioning military veterans with employers and educators through its G.I. Jobs® platform and more recently through its STEM JobsSM platform.

Connecting STEM education to employment is one area important to solving the nation’s workforce development dilemma, according to Daniel Nichols, president of Victory Media’s STEM JobsSM division, and a former healthcare and U.S. Department of Labor executive.

“For decades, employers and educators have been drifting apart, along with their respective missions to teach STEM and employ skilled workers,” Nichols says. “Students at every level face a disconnect between how their time in school translates into career options, which in turn leads to few, if any, job prospects upon graduation. Our STEM Jobs SM platform, including the STEM TypeSM Quiz, available at, assesses a student’s personal interests, maps them to a cool STEM job, then shows them how to get there. In fact, a lot of ‘in demand’ careers don’t require expensive, formal education.”

Hale agrees. “America’s employers need truck drivers, welders, machinists, electricians, cybersecurity technicians and LPNs. These jobs pay well and lead to long-term careers—and they don’t require a four-year degree. To keep the conversation moving in the right direction, though, we must tell our kids, parents and teachers that it’s not just ok to pursue these types of jobs; it’s a great career choice. Employers already know this and are standing by ready to put their money where their mouth is.”

“Victory Media’s Military Friendly® ratings and tools, available at, have long helped veterans make informed choices on where to go to college and what to study with their hard-earned GI Bill benefits,” said Sean Collins, president of Victory Media’s military division. “When veterans make education choices leading to better job outcomes, everybody wins. Our ratings have helped the government improve return on its GI Bill spend every year, too, by measuring and encouraging better graduation rates. It’s exciting to apply that expertise on the civilian side through STEM JobsSM.”

In addition to colleges and businesses, Collins and Nichols are already working with VA, DOD, state departments of education and local school districts on workforce development solutions.

“Our platforms are designed to connect classrooms with careers,” sums up Hale. “We’re proud to be a part of the national dialogue on this important issue and look forward to helping the country tackle it.

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