Wholefoods Magazine Offers Useful Insights on Natural Conditioners & Shampoos

United States, 12th March 2014 - WholeFoods Magazine, the well-known magazine for retailers is giving insightful information regarding natural cosmetics brands and a host of other natural products. The latest in this range now is the natural conditioners and shampoos. The magazine recently answered the questions of a host of readers through its content rich feature. According to the magazine, the ingredients of the synthetic products are vastly different from their natural counterparts.

It advises the readers to dissect the available components when making the purchases related to such natural personal care products. Those looking for completely natural products should identify components as sage, glycerin soap, Castile oil, and soapwort not present in the synthetic concoctions available at the store. Soapwort is responsible for creating the lather and sage oil has a wide range of different properties, including antiseptic, cleansing, and astringent qualities. Compared to these, the magazine reveals that the synthetic products contain laureth sulfate and sodium lauryl, allergenic and non-degradable components which the skin absorbs easily.

Over the years, WholeFoods Magazine has done its utmost to popularize natural and safe products and increase the knowledge of retailers regarding such items. Their latest revelation regarding synthetic shampoos and conditioners is just a step in the same direction. As the magazine explains, synthetic products in complete opposition to the natural makeup brands tend to disrupt the fatty acid balance that occurs naturally. Such shampoos and conditioners used over time will remove moisture from hair and scalp and make the hair appear undernourished, dry, and lifeless.

By being knowledgeable regarding different hair care products retailers will now be able to help consumers make the right choices. After all, this is the aim of the magazine with such insightful information.

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