Entrepreneur and Author Ryan Lee contributes to “Collaboration Economy”

A Celebrity Author, successful Entrepreneur and Coach contributed to collaboration economy, written by John Spencer Ellis and Topher Morrison. The book is designed to help small business owners to gain a dominating market share through partnerships.

Collaboration Economy: Eliminate the competition by creating Partnership Opportunities is a small business marketing book written by Entrepreneur & Personal Development GURU John Spencer Ellis and Mass Communication expert Topher Morrison. Successful entrepreneur and author of many best sellers, coach Ryan Lee has also contributed to this book. Book is available on May 6 at

Ellis and Morrison collaborated with a variety of experts in creating “Collaboration Economy”. Their interviews have been incorporated in the book that helps small business owners understand the new economy.

Ryan Lee is one of the top marketers in the world, he started his first internet company in 1998 for less than $100 and has grown it into a full fledged empire that now brings in seven figures a month. Lee shares his experience and expertise in the form of a series of interviews which focus on simplifying complex tasks, collaborating to succeed, building an effective team, learning to say no and sales platforms.

Ellis said “Ryan offers simple steps and tips for finding success through partnering with others and we really appreciate his wisdom and vantage point.”

“If you really want to grow your business, if you truly embrace abundance, you have no choice but to start collaborating,” Lee said. “Find people who are going to complement your skills. Find people who you want to be around, who you want to work with. Start with some simple baby steps and grow the relationships from there. Don’t think about starting a year from now or six months from now or even one month from now. Think about starting today and you will be very happy with the results.”

For a limited time, a pre-press copy of the book is available for free at  for only the cost of shipping and handling. The book will be available for $14.95 after May 6.

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