keyboard_arrow_up is on a Mission to Collect One Billion Signatures to Peace Petition

Los Angeles, Calif.–March 25, 2014 – “We do not have peace because we have placed the responsibility for making peace in our leaders’ hands. We must create peace individually one billion times and have one billion leaders,” says Founder Scotty Bruer, whoseeks to joinone billion people together to create the cultural, economic and governmental framework for a new era of lasting world peace. ( is the world's largest initiative for a grassroots effort to gather signatures for peace and has no affiliation with any country or religion.Signatures from 54 countrieshave already been collected, confirming a universal want for peace. Upon signing the petition, visitors to the PeaceNow sitereceive access to the widely celebrated short film for peace, “Admissions”, which stars Academy Award-nominee, James Cromwell and has received 25 international awards.

A signature on the PeacePetition also supports “The Global Resolution for the Establishment of Infrastructures to Support the Culture of Peace”. This document, a recently revised and edited resolutionpreviouslydrafted for possible adoption by the U.N. General Assembly, calls upon the U.N. and all 196 countries of Earth “to create infrastructures in their governments…and implement policies, programs and practices that promote, establish, and maintain human and environmental security and justice in the social, economic, political, educational, and legal spheres,” creating a “Culture of Peace.”

Like most nonprofit organizations (501 (c)(3) status pending), is supported by volunteers, donors and sponsors from all over the world. A wide range of volunteer opportunities exist from becoming a PeaceNow Buzz Maker who spreads’s message through social media, to holding your own fundraiser as a PeaceNow Grand Ambassador.Donationsto support the goal of obtaining one billion signatures for world peace and can be allocated toward specific initiatives, such as purchasing outreach materials or purchasing a community outreach kiosk, like the one at the headquarters in Venice, Calif.

“Peace is the foundation for creating a new Earth where every life is honored and nurtured, where every challenge is resolved based upon fairness, truth, and universal cooperation,” says Bruer.

To sign the Peace Petition, volunteer or donate, or for more information, visit

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