New Zealand Earthquake 2014——backup portable battery charger in Disaster

January 19th 2014,Central New Zealand, including the capital Wellington, was shaken by a magnitude 6.3 earthquake on Monday. The minute-long, rolling quake was centered in the mainly rural Wairarapa region about 120 kilometers north east of Wellington, at a depth of 50 kms. The quake was felt from the middle of the North Island down through the upper parts of the South Island. More than a dozen aftershocks measuring up to 4.5 were recorded. New Zealand sits on the boundary of the Pacific and Indo-Australian tectonic plates, and records more than 14,000 earthquakes a year. In February 2011 the South Island city of Christchurch was struck by a shallow magnitude 6.2 quake, which killed 189 people.

Fires, floods, tornadoes and earthquakes shatter the lives of a few very quickly, but cause lingering problems in the aftermath for many. Electricity can be out for weeks on end as power line repairs are made, with deaths from heat stress, failed medical equipment and more very common.

One of the big challenges when disaster strikes, besides ensuring your personal safety, is maintaining power to essential electronics which you may use to keep in touch with loved ones, or get in touch with emergency services.

We saw backup portable battery charger pop up around the areas affected by Newzealand, and while that helped somewhat, the reality is that some folks were without power for a couple weeks. Despite these weather events (which occur all over the world), very few people are actually prepared to deal with even the basics when disasters happen.

One solution being pitched by Kinkoo is the Infinite One of Kinkoo. It is 100% portable, and is very powerful despite only weighing 165 grams.  Despite their light weight, the capacity up to 8,000mAh, enough to charge an average smartphone about 5 times.

The logic in not having rechargeable power cells makes sense, if there are extended outages you are not able to recharge anything anyway. Plus, when or if you forget to keep a traditional back-up solution charged ahead of time, a traditional system will not provide reliable power. The biggest differentiator is the weight, the Infinite One of Kinkoo is incredibly lightweight compared to normal backup mobile battery. For in the field applications involving emergency and rescue workers who are on foot and backpacking, these are the easiest to carry.

If you have been stuck in the cold and dark and grumbled at a lack of preparedness, this might be a handy product to have. So, you know how important it is to be able to keep your cell phone charged so that you can maintain contact with friends, family members and emergency services.

Whatever your emergency use portable backup battery pack, the Infinite One of Kinkoo can help you charge your all USB electronic devices.

When a storm, hurricane, tornado, earthquake, wildfire or power blackout occurs, there is great safety and comfort in knowing that you can meet your basic electricity needs?  That's what we think. Now order the Infinite One and get extra 10% off.