Mothers Of The Bride Want To Look Better Than Their Daughter On Their Wedding Day

The wedding day is one of the biggest days of a woman’s life where it is the day the bride looks stunning and the mother watches as everyone says how beautiful she looks, but now it seems things have changed and mothers want a piece of the action. According to a new survey, mothers are trying to upstage their daughters on their wedding day and will do almost anything to look as good as their daughter or even better. This is not good news for daughters who want to remember their wedding day for the rest of their lives but it seems mothers of the brides want the wedding guests looking at them.

 'Wedding Day Mothers Want To Look Better Than The Bride'


Instead of the bride going to the stylist and tanning salons to look good it seems their mothers are getting in their before them and are even going further by having cosmetic surgery and Botox to grab some attention on the big day.


According to a survey of 1,000 women, it’s no longer just the bride who feels under pressure – with the staggering finding that 1 in 10 wedding mothers would consider cosmetic surgery such as Botox, a tummy tuck or a boob job for the big day. It’s therefore perhaps no surprise that a third (31 per cent) of British women say they’ve attended a wedding in recent years where a mother of the bride or groom has even broken the golden rule and tried to upstage the bride herself.


While most women don’t have to face the gaze of the British public and glare of the world media, the equally intimidating eyeing-up, gossip amongst guests and the ‘other mother’ drives the pressure to look perfect a little too far.


In fact, nearly half (47 per cent) are convinced guests would be talking about which of the two mums had pulled off the best look – with two-thirds (66 per cent) saying they would attempt to find out in advance exactly what the ‘other mother’ was planning on wearing and one in four (27 per cent) saying they would seek external advice on their look in order not to be upstaged.


The pursuit of perfection takes its toll on the purse strings too, as mothers of the bride or groom will spend an average of £278 on their wedding outfit this year – and a significant number (14 per cent) will even shell out between £500-£1000. And that’s just one element of the expense and effort they would consider for the big day. For the first time ever, has compiled a list of the top expenditures undertaken by British wedding mothers.


Wedding mothers’ top expenditures:


•             Specialist diet advice – 61 per cent


•             “Back-up” outfit in case they change their mind on the big day – 26 per cent


•             Join a gym or exercise group – 23 per cent


•             Spa day / weekend – 21 per cent


•             Tanning salon visit – 20 per cent


•             Hire a fashion stylist – 10 per cent


•             Cosmetic surgery (Botox, tummy tuck, boob job) – 9 per cent



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