Difference Between M.Tech and M.S Degrees

These days there is an incredible demand for efficient and highly talented workforce in various fields of science and engineering which forces gain higher learning skills of the individuals. Curriculam at the undergraduate level is limited against the industrial expectation.In oversees the undergraduate engineers are aquiring PE ( Professional Engineer) certificate after practical exposure which meets Industry ready. In our country the engineering aspirants are now moving towards aquiring post graduate degree in the field of specialization for their career. Many institutions in the country offers M.Tech, M.E, M.Sc (engg) and M.S by research. Among that M.Tech and M.S are popular among students. Their is a confusion that which one is superior and better.

Most of the engineering institutions offer M.Tech in the field of specialization. The curriculam is designed by the affiliating university such that the subjects are focused towards the specialization.In general the M.Tech degree programme duration is set to 2 years out of that one year completely focused on the theory subjects. Students are allowed to select projects based on their interest and learnig. The degree is awarded on completion of theary and project decertation.

In the case of M.S by research program mostly offered by Central institutions such as IISc, BITs,IIT, NIT and other deemed to be universities. More emphasis is on practical, research and thesis work and students have to complete minimum course work essential for their research topic. The students mostly interacting with the professors and devote more time to their project under the degree of M.S. The research topics are mostly selected from real time problems and the students are getting opertunity to updating their knowledge related to their research work for implimentation.While one is pursuing M.S courses, one can stretch up the course to 3 to 4 years till they don't complete their project. Thus the course doesn’t finish till the students finishes his or her project along with complete knowledge in that subject.

The major and important differences between the two courses is the course duration for starters. The projects and the study both have to be completed in that span of time for M.Tech. To break into more detailed info, then in M.Tech, there will be equal emphasis on course and thesis work which is the project. Under the M.Tech degree, one has to attend regular classes in order to gain knowledge about the subject because a lot of things in theoretical aspect are to be studied for which classroom attendance is a extremly essential

Another major difference is that in M.S, one can get to learn a plethora of things in their domain through practical work that will make them professionally challenging in their discipline and grooms them to be Industry and Research ready. Which basically means, M.S degree more caters to Research and learning by practicals kind of needs. So, Industries prefer M.Tech holders and Research Labs/ Institutes prefer MS holders.

About the author:

The article is written by Dr.K.Kumar, Professor (Research), at MVJ College of Engineering (MVJCE). One of the prestigious engineering colleges in Bangalore