Being the premier supplier of elegant bedding in China for a period of 12 years, Bedding Unique Textiles Co. Ltd looks to provide sheer class and complete comfort to all of its consumers by providing the perfect bedding sets. The company has been constantly renewing its excellence to reach out to a large customer-base existing all over the world. The representative on behalf of the company stated that the exports are on the rise and almost 80% of the manufactured products are being exported to different countries, where these are extremely popular. By observing the growing tendency of the customers to buy the customized bedding sets, the company has been producing such sets that can cater to customers of different age levels. Generally, people look for their personal touch in any item they wish to keep in their homes, and this tendency is observed in all consumers. So the company provides the consumers a chance to incorporate their own ideas in the final products they receive. Simply, the customers can supply their own design ideas prior to placing an order.

Upon the arrival of a baby, parents can go to great heights in doing everything they can, to care for their baby. Typically, the comfort and well-being of a baby boy or girl would be their first priority. Almost 100% of the parents would go forluxury baby bedding sets for their babies just to ensure the rest and proper sleep. The company through its innovative design ideas, tries to bring out the personality of the little princess or prince and adorn his/her nursery with exceptional crib collections designed with care. From cars, alphabets, numbers, animals, birds to things, the company has dozens of baby bedding sets created with the boy's/girl's nursery in mind. The materials used are 100% cotton to ensure that baby's skin does not react to the sheets. Keeping in mind the weather, quilts are also included. Apart from the babies, the company provides full luxury bedding sets for the adults too. These sets are of extremely high-quality and are excellent to sleep on and use for years.

Prior to the order placement of any set, consumers get to test and verify the products through free samples, totally free of cost. Sets are shipped within 35-45 days but the delivery time is swifter if samples are not sent. Payment terms are very transparent. Wire transfer is given for the orders. Payment can be made through Western Union or by PayPal. All sets are exported from the Shanghai port. All the products are listed and their specifications are explained at the official website

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