Tackling Crime in Raytown, Mussouri

Scharig Alarm Systems are committed to helping the householders and commercial property owners of Raytown to reduce crime in general and increase prosecution rates while hopefully giving more of a deterrent to stop crime before it's committed.

To this end we have our specialized CCTV website which compliments our long-standing and well received alarm system site so between them they provide a full service security and deterrent service at a great price.

They believe both their services would be advantages to residents of Raytown given there has been a rise in overall crime over the past decade according to City-Data
.com ( For example, in the year 2000, burglaries were at 618 per 100,000 population, compared with 930 in 2012.

Although this is down from the high of 1,355 in 2009, this is far too many burglaries and an effective deterrent is needed to bring these figures down even further. That's where a good, high definition CCTV system can help.

If you take security seriously and want to protect your property and belongings, take a look at our website or call us on : 816-350-0727.