Proven Director ROYA ARYANPAD Delivers Award-Winning Socially Conscious Short Film “JACOB STONE”

‘Official Selection’ of 2015 Burbank International Film Festival and 2015 Catalina Film Festival This September

LOS ANGELES (August 28, 2015) – Celebrated documentary Director/Producer ROYA ARYANPAD proves she can deliver socially significant films in the fiction arena with her award-winning short, JACOB STONE. The film is set to screen as an ‘Official Selection’ at the 2015 Burbank International Film Festival on September 11th, where it has already earned a nomination in the ‘Best Short Films by Women’ category; and then at the 2015 Catalina Film Festival on September 26th. 

JACOB STONE tells the story of an inner-city high school athlete (Nicholas Alexander) with a bright future who is forced to re-examine his life when a mistake from his past resurfaces. Written by David Blacker, the film sheds light on the importance of second chances and redemption, as Jacob mends the broken bond between himself and his incarcerated brother Elton (Deon Lucas).

Produced under Aryanpad’s Dream Benders Productions banner, the film first captivated audiences earlier this year with its world premiere at the San Diego Black Film Festival. Since then, it has screened as an ‘Official Selection’ at numerous festivals, winning ‘Best Drama’ at Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards (LAIFFA) and earning five other nominations, including ‘Best Director’ (Roya Aryanpad) and ‘Best Actor’ (Nicholas Alexander).

A former refugee born in Shiraz-Iran, Aryanpad’s passion comes from a desire to make films that contribute positively to environmental, social, cultural, and political issues. Previously, she devoted her skills to creating short documentaries related to sustainability and energy efficiency, earning a solid reputation and critical acclaim for her work. In 2013, Aryanpad made the decision to head into the fictional film world with JACOB STONE and she hasn’t looked back. 

“My own experiences in Iran during the time of the Revolution which led to my family’s exile have made me very sensitive to issues of social injustice, poverty, and human oppression everywhere.” Aryanpad adds, “The struggles of African-Americans may not be my own, but I feel a kinship with them, as we are all survivors of oppression. The story of ‘Jacob Stone’ is one of survival and hope in the face of great obstacles - themes which are very relevant in my own life."

Up next, Aryanpad is focusing on a full-length screenplay she wrote, based on her experiences as a teenager growing up in Iran, and her family’s escape after Iran’s Islamic Revolution.

Burbank International Film Festival
Screening Date: Friday, September 11, 2015
Time: 9:30pm – ‘Short Films By Women’ Program #2
Location: Burbank AMC Town Center 6, 770 N. 1st Street, Burbank, CA 91502

Catalina Film Festival
Screening Date: Saturday, September 26, 2015
Time/Location: TBA 

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