A Wild Imagination Takes Flight!

What if carousel horses suddenly came alive and bolted into the wilderness? That is the vision behind award-winning artist, Deborah Weed's "Flying Horse Couture." Each piece is meticulously created utilizing oil paint, clay, crystals, gems and wood.

Weed wanted art patrons to feel the wind blowing in their hair, so she created triptics that feel as though they are in flight. Each piece is 6ft. x 4ft. The impact when on the wall shouts out the words... at last, freedom! Each horse takes a minimum of six months to create.

"So much love goes into what I'm doing. I still have the wonder that I had as a child," said Weed. "Carousel horses represent innocence, play and spontaneity. When we ride one, they take us on a magical journey... always moving... always alive!" Weed's dream is to create enough pieces that she can create a carousel in a gallery/venue that will create awe in the eyes of patrons both young and old. Just like the carousels of our youth, each horse would have it's own personality.

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