Reading Between the Sheets

Whenever couples are locked in SexWars, oftentimes non-sexual issues are afoot.

In fact, sexual struggles are often symbolic expressions of fear of intimacy, dependency, abandonment, or loss of control.

It was time for some bedroom detective work. I use my Reading Between the Sheets technique to uncover what sexual insatiability really mean.

To do this, I ask:

  • How does he/she feel when he/she didn’t have as much sex as he liked?
  • What is he/she missing in the relationship, if anything?
  • What is he/she missing within oneself?
  • What hole is he/she trying to fill (no pun intended) by having sex?
  • How long had the problem been going on?
  • What had changed in the couple’s life and relationship?
  • Was sex ever good between them? If so, when did it deteriorate?

Reading Between the Sheets is like peeling the layers of an onion. On the first layer, you may well discover that sexual battles often reflect deeper relationship issues that have nothing to do with sex. When we peel off the next layer, we discover that heated sexual conflicts are often fueled by Old Scars from childhood.

To read more at Psychology Today.

Dr Jamie Turndorf (aka Dr. Love)