Being a Mom On Social Media - An Insight By Priya

The dawn of technology has paved the way for easy communication despite the long distance. And whereas people were limited to calling and texting before, such is not the case now. The rise of social networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter has enamored millions of people into chronicling their lives online and building up their image.

Social Media and Mothers

A researcher from the University of Michigan, Priya Kumar, stated that for children of this new generation, their earliest digital image starts with a sonogram. Expectant mothers start chronicling their story from the time they were informed of the pregnancy. And in a way, this gives a very informative storyline on a woman's journey into motherhood.

Updating Faraway Relatives

People you call family don't necessarily live nearby and social media helps bridge this gap. A mother from Brooklyn, Nicole Jedinak, who is also in the business of updating their relatives through social media affirms that it is indeed, easier this way because even through the distance, their family is privy to the progress of her child.

But Keeping Privacy

But of course, amidst all the concerns about social media, it is very important to keep things private. Updating relatives might be good, but some people take advantage of pictures online for their own purpose. There are mothers like Molly Weingrod, who takes extra care in keeping her photos private because she knows that no one can really predict what will happen to those snapshots after they are uploaded online.

Interesting New Trend

This new style of chronicling their baby's life on social media has caught all mothers by storm. In a way, it gives people a glimpse on what a woman is like when she is a mother. By sharing about their children online, mothers are able to grapple on about managing their online image while being an individual and a mother at the same time.

But of course, as the child grows, there is that reluctance to post as many pictures. Children are growing into their own identity by that time and although pictures of them once in a while are good, there is no need for mothers to post pictures of them constantly. This is also a part of the evolution of motherhood on social media. There is that constant need to adjust with the trend and in a way, this is what makes things interesting when taking a glimpse into the life of a mother on social media.

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