Being a leading web hosting company, BizDev360 has carved a niche for itself in providing affordable, reliable and secured web hosting service to the companies for quite some time. For businesses relating to any sphere, the web hosting service has been made easy along with the rates slashed, the chief marketing officer at BizDev360 announced today. The sites can be of any nature, informational, e-commerce or blog, custom or network, for every site the rates have diminished with the process made more flexible, rapid and smooth. Seekers of website solutions can now have something extra to rely upon. However, features like domain, database, bandwidth, disk space and e-mail accounts remain more or less same. Websites that are custom or network, every element will remain unlimited. For a single website, 250GB bandwidth, single database, 5GB disk space and unlimited e-mail accounts will be furnished. E-commerce sites and blogs are given 10 domains and multi-database as usual.

The chief marketing officer further stressed upon the fact that before selecting any plan, a company should decide upon the hosting needs and consequently the packages. Discussion with a website consultant might prove fruitful. While selecting a domain name, it is to be always kept simple and short to make it easy for the users. If a given geographical area is associated to the company, it should be included. It must be relevant and industry related so that users recollect it and the site ranks higher.

It is wise to buy substitute spellings and extensions to guard the brand by registering the .com, .org, versions. Company websites also depend upon the functionality and free tools factor. A generous bandwidth and cheap web host can perk up the savings of a company.

Companies are advised to determine the size of the website and the future traffic that is expected to be generated. This is important as disk space and bandwidth are important aspects. A fine technical support is however assured. If any user or a business wants a comprehensive discussion about web hosting packages with the customer care professionals, an email must be sent at Consumers interested in opting for web hosting plans, may also obtain swift and complete information by dialing 855 755 6747. A free consultation can be done by filling out the form provided at the website.