MAN Sports Game Day - Serum Protein Isolate


Are you expecting to get results simply from workouts and training sessions at home and gym? Well, if you are thinking this then you need to change the idea as this is now not possible without getting help form muscle building and protein supplements. These supplements provide you with essential nutrients and they are considered to play an important role for muscle building. These supplements are manufactured using ingredients like proteins, whey, creatine, high molecular protein, amino acids and others. In this article, we are going to do review to of a supplement called as MAN Sports, Game Day.

Product Information:

The MAN Sports, Game Day is basically a muscle pump supplement that aids to build high intensity performance in the body plus it provides quick muscle building in the body. The supplement contains a high quality mixture of micro ingredients like leucine, glutamine, creatine and nutrients like carbohydrates and others. The MAN Sports, Game Day also provides energy for the workout no matter how much intense training session you go through. Some ingredients include nitric oxide which boosts the endurance level of the body and helps in building toned muscles. It facilitates the pumping of muscles and ensures that muscles remains hydrated for a long duration of time in order to maintain leanness and reduce the muscle breakdown problem that occurs after intense training session. The NO fillers also prevent the body from suffering the cardiac issues and diseases like cancer and diabetes. MAN Sports, Game Day also implement the anti-aging effect.

The most important ingredient of the MAN Sports, Game Day is IGF-1 and it plays vital role in growth of muscles plus it also regenerates the nerve tissues. The IGF-1 also increases the transportation of essential and high molecular weight protein PF3 in to muscle cells and also improve the production of blood cells. Once the dose of MAN Sports, Game Day is in your blood then the high molecular weight protein digests slowly in the blood and stays in it for a long duration of time for better assimilation and absorption and to reduce the breakdown of muscles. The accelerated growth of muscle and growth hormones is not possible without taking help from this supplement and that is why a large number of professional athletes refer it to others.

Dosage and Direction:

The supplement should be used as a dietary supplement and you are advised to take half scoop of product with 15 – 16 ounce of water and this should be done 30 – 40 minutes before going to training. In order to avoid sleeplessness, you should use supplements 6 hours before going to sleep. The supplement is meant for individuals who are above the age of 18 or less and they should take the supplement after consultation with the doctor. Taking supplement on your own can cause serious side effects and damage to vital organs. If you are already on some kind of medication then you cannot use the product.