Stower™ Candle Charger Powers Phones with Candles – Just Add Water

Company Launches Kickstarter Campaign for On-Demand, Emergency Power

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (July 14, 2015) – Stower™, an energy company delivering personal, reliable electricity solutions, is pleased to introduce its second on-demand power product, the Candle Charger. Launching today on Kickstarter and designed for power outages, the Candle Charger provides instant, reliable power inside your home when the grid can't.

The Candle Charger is safe and on-demand energy for anyone in the family to use indoors. Simply light the fuel canister, add some water to the reservoir, and in about ten seconds you’ll begin charging USB-powered devices. One candle provides 6 hours of USB electricity, enough to fully charge two smartphones.

Unlike solar powered chargers, the Candle Charger works indoors, day or night. There are also no batteries required; it only needs a candle and some water to keep going. For these reasons, the Candle Charger is an ideal solution for emergency residential power needs.

And power outages are increasing. From the Department of Energy and, there were an average of 44 reported major grid outages per year from 2000 to 2004. In 2014, there were 214 major grid outages, affecting over 20 million homes, and in the first week of July over half a million residences experienced power outages in the US.

“Phones are essential tools during outages: they keep us connected to our families and emergency services. We wanted to build the most reliable USB power supply possible to keep phones and flashlights charged – this is it,” says Andrew Byrnes, CEO and co-founder of Stower. “Access to power, light, and safe water are all vital necessities in any emergency situation. The Candle Charger provides all three when we need it, indoors and at any time of the day.”

Starting today, supporters can reserve a Candle Charger on Kickstarter: Stower is offering an early bird special of $65 for the device to the first 800 backers. The Candle Charger will sell for a retail price of $99, and is expected to be available in retail this winter.

This is Stower’s second Kickstarter campaign, having quadrupled its goal for its first product, the FlameStower, currently sold nationwide in the US and Canada.

“Manufacturing is in place; this campaign is about reengaging an active community that was so instrumental in our first product’s success and launching useful technology to keep us connected to what we care about,” says Byrnes.

Stower was founded out of Stanford's materials science program and in 2013. To learn more, please visit

About Stower™

Founded in 2013, Stower builds energy products for individuals, making it easier and more efficient to generate and control our own electricity. Using sustainable energy technologies, Stower sees a future where personal power is produced by arrays of distributed generators with support services accessed through mobile technologies. To learn more about Stower, visit

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