Aries Car Rental Offers Cheap Hire Rates on Nissan Pulsar Hatch and Sedan

Aries Car Rental, a premier rental service company in Perth, provides the latest model of the Nissan Pulsar hatchback and sedan. The company offers these cars at economical rates for a comprehensive tour around Perth.

[PERTH, JULY 11, 2014] – Aries Car Rental, a premier rental service company in Perth, expands its series of articles on cars available for hire by offering economical car hire services with the latest model of the Nissan Pulsar hatchback and sedan. These cars are suitable for a family or group of friends with five members. The Pulsar is great for touring around Western Australia as it is both spacious and stylish.

Economical Rates and Specs

According to Aries Car Rental, the Pulsar Hatch is available in automatic transmission and has a daily rate of $25 for 100 kms/day and $31 for unlimited kms. An automatic or manual transmitted Pulsar Sedan goes for $29 for 100 kms/day and $35 if clients want to cruise on a farther place. Local rates, though, apply to city use only. The low-cost rates assure Aries Car Rental customers the very best value for their money, whether it is a short trip around Perth or visiting more distant places.

Apart from the low-priced rates, clients can save more money as the Nissan Pulsar is economical to run with its 4-cylinder specs that gives drivers cruise control. The cruise control setting allows the vehicle to run at a steadier pace,which ensures better fuel efficiency.

Insured Road Trips

The rental service company explains that these cars have comprehensive insurance and covers with roadside assistance for breakdowns. The Nissan Pulsar’s safety features comes with air bags and child seat restraint fixtures. Aries Car Rental offers child car seat hire services at affordable rates as an option.

The company notes that they only offer new, log book serviced and low mileage vehicles to ensure trouble free rental. In case of accidents, they grant damage cover for certain conditions.


Aries Car Rental is a top rental service company that offers great value-for-money car hire in Perth. They provide a range of large and small car hires for corporate people, students, overseas workers and tourists, as well as big families. The company ensures that the customers will get the best value for their money as rents in Aries Car Rental do not include hidden costs – all fees and charges are 100% upfront.

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