Praxis Specialist Physical Therapy and Human Performance Services

Praxis is Greek for work or action. The Greeks were the first to use therapeutic science through medicinal practice. Stemming from the root word for action, Praxis Physical Therapy and Human Performance chose its name to emphasize on the company’s belief that an active life as well as a strong mind and body are vital in the realization of personal potential and is the best way to take on the pursuit of happiness. Each of their professional therapists is ready to support patients in extending their active life through physical therapy Vernon Hills IL and human performance activities.

Throughout their years of service catering to hundreds of different people and professions, Praxis Physical Therapy and Human Performance specialists have gained the extensive knowledge and experience for committed full-time individual consultation and rehabilitation. Michael E. Kordecki, D.P.T., S.C.S., A.T.C., is Praxis’ owner; he is a licensed professional and has been a leading physical therapist in Illinois and is recognized amongst his patients for his expertise for skilled analysis, counseling, and motivational guidance. All these successfully lead to completing therapies effectively through specialized human performance programs and exercises.

The Praxis Physical Rehabilitation Therapy program offers care uniquely designed for each individual for experienced professional care. Each physical therapist takes pride in dedication, devoting their professional lives to help patients successfully recuperate from injury and rehabilitate from orthopedic circumstances. Praxis also caters to treatment covered by insurance as well as referrals and prescriptions from physicians, surgeons, osteopaths or chiropractors for physical therapy services. They pay careful attention to each patient assuring and maintaining a motivational atmosphere and a constructive therapist-patient relationship throughout therapy.

Ryan Hartley, D.P.T., SCS PT, DPT, SCS, has been with the company for more than six years now as a contributing member of the physical therapy staff. He has dedicated his career and excellence in providing for physical therapy rehabilitation. He recently achieved the American Physical Therapy Association’s Board of Certification as a Sports Clinic Specialist in Illinois out of the twenty who have ever earned and received this certification. His clinical expertise has garnered him notoriety in the trade and comes highly recommended by former patients.

For expert effective human performance consultation, Praxis human performance evaluation caters to the needs for services specialized for competitive clients who aim at a career in sports and similar activities. In their years of experience, Praxis has successfully designed, tested, and established a system of activities and exercises that focuse on improving strength, agility, and endurance to support specific athletic pursuits. Each performance program involves initial comprehensive evaluation incorporating the assessment of posture, flexibility, strength, movement ability, and body balance. All program goals are designed for each individual based on status and physical potential to enhance skills to the maximum level.