The Ireland LLC- One entity, many benefits

When incorporated, an Ireland LLC enjoys a corporate tax rate of 12.5% with access to all of Ireland’s double tax agreements.

About the incorporation requirements

Ireland business setup is relatively quick and easy. LLC's are still the most commonly established entities, requiring a minimum of:

·         two directors, one being an EU resident director;

·         One shareholder of any nationality;

Although Ireland has many incorporation benefits, An Ireland LLC requires foreign entities to have:

·         A resident director;

·         A company secretary;

·         One tax registration certificate;

Healy Consultants is capable to guide international entrepreneurs complete their incorporation negating Government hurdles and securing corporate banking. Clients will not need to travel for Ireland company incorporation.

About the tax regime in Ireland

Ireland imposes a relatively low tax burden on both resident and nonresident companies. With the tax rate at only 12.5%, an Ireland LLC enjoys one of the lowest corporate tax rates in Europe;

Being a member of the EU, Ireland enjoys EU membership benefits such as free labor movement, and an absence of withholding tax on remittances. Furthermore, Ireland has 60 signed tax treaties with other countries around the world.

 More information on Ireland LLC setup

Healy Consultants can assist our clients to setup an Ireland company within 1 week. Other formalities such as applying for a corporate bank account will take 2 weeks, and getting a work permit approved will take 4 weeks. Healy Consultants assists our clients with all formalities with a onetime fee available on the

Healy consultant’s website.

Further benefits of an Ireland LLC

·     Allowed to sign sales invoices with clients and export goods

·        Allowance of corporate and individual shareholders

·        Can hire expatriate staff in Ireland

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