SizeUp Names Top Cities for Law Firms

Where are attorneys making the most money? SizeUp, a free business intelligence website, found the nation’s top-performing law firms clustered in the Eastern part of the country, with Washington, D.C.; Boston, Mass.; and Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. topping the list.  SizeUp's list of top cities for law firms can be embedded into another website by clicking the "share" button above the maphere;this videoexplains the process.  

"The dominance of the Northeast Corridor is logical as the region is home to many of the nation’s oldest and largest law firms,” says Anatalio Ubalde, CEO of SizeUp. “There's some diversity in our findings, as the list includes mid-sized cities in Florida, as well as Atlanta and Irvine, Cal."

The top ten U.S. cities for attorneys’ offices, based on per capita revenues, are:

Washington, DC

Boston, MA

Fort Lauderdale, FL

West Palm Beach, FL

Atlanta, GA

North Hempstead, NY

Irvine, CA

Miami, FL

Pittsburgh, PA

10 Hartford, CT

Visitors to SizeUp can also view reports for the top-performing U.S. metros and states. 

SizeUp super crunches millions of data points based on the most current data available from both public and private sources. SizeUp’s data can be filtered by city, county, metro, and state, and also by criteria such as highest revenue per capita, most underserved markets, average annual revenue, employees and more, allowing decision-makers to find information that is most relevant to them.

About SizeUp 

SizeUp ( is a business intelligence website that helps small businesses become smarter, more profitable, and more competitive. It enables small business owners to benchmark themselves against competitors, find the best places to advertise, and map their competitors, customers, and suppliers. SizeUp is a service of GIS Planning (, the world leader in online economic development solutions.

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