Orlando based VoiceOnyx now services the entire state of Florida including its latest market in Jacksonville. "Jacksonville deserves options for business phone service and they deserve excellent customer service that has been lacking in the telecommunications industry" says Edward Allen, CFO for VoiceOnyx. Business customers and the markets in Florida need choice. In the last decade several mergers and acquisitions have occurred reducing the amount of competition. The business community understands what happens with there is less competition in a market and pay for it royally. Regional monopolies increase prices, stifle innovation, and bring the level of customer service to a point of absolute frustration.

VoiceOnyx is dedicated to changing the image of today's business class telecommunications provider. “We decided a long time ago that companies can either educate or trick the customer, we decided to educate, and it is paying off in dividends” says Jonathon Warren, CTO. When looking at the VoiceOnyx website you will see twenty questions designed to assist customers in making the right decision for their unique business. Finding the right business phone solution is crucial and once a decision is made it is not easy to switch due to long term contracts that usually accompany. Luckily VoiceOnyx is contract free.

About the Company: VoiceOnyx was established in 2006 and provides phone service and systems to the SMB market in Florida. Based in Orlando, Florida and with regional locations throughout the state, VoiceOnyx serves the entire State of Florida.