9 Technology Trends That Are Transforming Mid-Size Manufacturers

Discreet manufacturing technology has advanced exponentially in just a few years. What was once in the realm of fantasy has become commonplace and can even be found in some households and being utilized by individuals selling products on popular sites like Etsy, Amazon, and EBay. Here are 9 trends that your business should keep in mind for the coming year.

The ability for any business to sell in multiple channels has created a culture of web-savvy customers who read the reviews and look at ratings. Keeping your products standardized to ensure quality and performance will help your products stay at five stars.

More B2C
More and more customers are cutting out the middleman and going straight to the source for their products. Anticipating this trend can help the end of your supply chain function properly.

With more overseas jobs coming back to the states, businesses can ensure customers quick turnaround times and more efficient processes. Also, savvy customers research products and oftentimes, if they find out the product isn’t assembled in the US, they’ll find someone’s who is.

The Tech Department
Technology departments aren’t just IT guys anymore. Many businesses are adding an entire division dedicated to the advanced technologies and techniques, ensuring that their businesses succeed in a tech-driven market.

Advanced Technologies
Discreet manufacturing is dependent on advanced technologies. It’s not just the core machinery that advanced technologies are coming to. The software is becoming more advanced as well. ERP software is more intuitive and in-depth, simulation software is on the rise, and augmented reality is coming from the game industry to your manufacturing operation at breakneck speed.

One pitfall of technology is the constant security threat. This is especially true since your business likely has customer information on file. Keeping a few steps ahead of hackers and online threats can mean the difference between your business being reliable and your business going under.

The Internet of Things (IoT)
It’s likely that you and most of the people you know benefit from some always-connected device. Whether it’s your smartphone, a smartwatch, a smart TV, a workout band, or some other result of the IoT revolution, you’ve seen it in action in your life. These products are swiftly becoming parts of business as well and should be integrated into your manufacturing operation as soon as possible for maximum effectiveness.

Remote Work
The days of the ever-present foreman are coming to a close. With the ability to work on the go with ERP, remote camera, and analytical software, it’s easier than ever for your business to be mobile. Why not crunch numbers and forecast between business presentations? Who needs a maintenance manager on site when the machine analytics are available at the push of a button?

Analytics and Logistics Access
At an ever-increasing rate, businesses are hiring tech-savvy employees to run analytic and logistics software. This translates to more redundancy and less room for error in many sectors of your business, such as inventory and forecasting. Hiring employees who are adept at hands-on work as well as being useful behind a keyboard is the wave of the future.

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