Pacific Specialists Offers Bruiseless Injectable Fillers

[Los Angeles, 04-01-14] - Pacific Specialists offers customers affordable injectable fillers that leave no bruises for several procedures under their extensive line of cosmetic services. Procedures using this solution include, but are not limited to fat transfers, eyebrow lifts, and facial augmentation procedures, giving patients a full range of cosmetic options.

Face Fillers

Pacific Specialists offers cosmetic injectable fillers to patients as a safe alternative to adding volume under the skin to address wrinkles and sagging due to aging. Medical professionals at the clinic explain that their service counters a process wherein the volume of the face is redistributed to different areas.

Pacific Specialists says the most common areas where fillers are used are the cheeks, which cause deep “smile lines”, around the eyes, the temples, and the corners of the mouth.

Fillers and Microcannulas

Pacific Specialists uses a variety of different tools for their filler treatments. The clinic’s treatments last for a year on average, but can hold longer for facial areas that have less movement, like the spaces around the eyes.

Pacific Specialists also educates patients regarding the different fillers for possible use in treatment; the filler options are Restylane, Juvederm, Belotero, and Radiesse.

Pacific Specialists injects fillers using microcannulas, which doctors use to conduct the procedure without causing any bruising. According to medical staff at the clinic, microcannulas make the treatments safer, more precise, less painful, and easier to accomplish in-office, with no downtime.

Other Procedures

Pacific Specialists also offers fat transfers and facial augmentation procedures that use the bruiseless injectable fillers as part of the treatment. The clinic makes recommendations as to which procedures can help a patient best achieve the aesthetics they are looking for.

All of Pacific Specialists’ treatments are done in the office with minimal discomfort to patients. The company’s facial augmentation procedures are non-surgical and utilize the no-bruise injectable fillers to help patients get the results they want.


About Pacific Specialists

Pacific Specialists is a clinic that focuses on auditory, cosmetic, eye, and ENT treatments. Their team of medical professionals are double-board certified in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery, as well as head and neck surgery. The group emphasizes a natural approach to their procedures and offer a variety of services that help patients achieve their aesthetic and cosmetic goals.

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