Digital Video Marketing...

The formula for success in Tomorrow's Internet is based on the marketing axiom: "video is king & mobile is the messenger"...

Digital video marketing is "exponential" rather than linear as is the norm in regular advertising campaigns, while video & mobile continue to grow "exponentially"..!

The Formula:
The "holy grail" of digital video marketing is found is not just found in code, but rather in the practical application of sound promotional marketing techniques. The following "formula" will "Guarantee" your online success and "Substantial Residual Income"..!

Brainstorming=U.S.P.=Video Marketing Strategy=Convergence 3.0:  Video+Social+Mobile= D.P.R.=Introduction To Video Based Business Websites=Video Product Directories=Multiple Channels Of Video Distribution=Expertise=Time Invested=Frequency=New Business...!

Now that we have established the parameters for launching a new product/service and digital strategy,
we will apply this formula to: Rassouli A World Renowned Artist... Rassouli artwork may be viewed in private collections and notable museums throughout the world...

Rassouli has chosen us and "Convergence 3.0" because he recognizes the value of our impressive "Promotional Marketing Platform": Convergence 3.0: Video+Social+Mobile and the utilization of a "personalized"  digital marketing strategy based on "Brainstorming" that maximizes "content driven video" and targeted "channels of distribution"; while providing his magnificent "FusionArt" portfolio with "Maximum Exposure"..!

The Digital Video Formula Unfolds:

We will list the various websites, social sites, D.P.R. , video channels of distribution and utilization of our "marketing partners" that constitute our promotional efforts on behalf of Rassouli... We should also mention that considerable time is given to participating in "Discussion" groups and soon our very own Internet radio show: "Brainstorming For Dollars"..!

My Morning Coffee TV:

Our primary video showcase for products & services, specializing in small businesses and start-up companies.


The premier D.P.R. on the Net that reaches; blogs, business web sites, financial sites, newsrooms, online magazines...

Social Media Sites:

These major social media sites receive video content and D.P.R. from us on a regular basis. Frequency and the ability to join the "Conversation" are "Key" to social media success and most importantly: "Branding"...!

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Google+
  • Pinterest

Partners In America:

A State-Of-The-Art HTML 5 visual showcase for promoting small businesses & start-ups utilizing SEO coded video content. It will become the most heavily trafficked video website in America. The site will be promoted heavily by our "marketing partners" across the country..! The "Unique Design" of this incredible visual portal will be a big enhancement to our promotional platform on behalf of all clients...

Facebook Business Page My Morning Coffee TV:

All of our clients are promoted here and we also provide "Brainstorming” sessions and insight into Tomorrow's Internet. It is here we "Connect" People with products & services.

Digital Files The Voice:

We blog about "Tomorrow's Internet" and submit D.P.R. from our clients...

You Tube:

We are pleased to have established a "marketing synergy" with You Tube for Business Video...Our video marketing channels: My Morning Coffee TV & Partners In America allows us to "push" selected promotional segments to the major social media sites and beyond with high traffic and "frequency"..!

You Tube video channels provide us with a mechanism to aggressively promote our "video marketing campaign": The "People You Should Know Road Show Tour" and "Juice" a (complimentary) 15 sec promotional segment that initiates our "14 Day Free Trial" to learn first-hand how our "video marketing strategy" will work on behalf of your company...

Cable Advertising:

During the course of the year, we will purchase local network TV and satellite for targeted audiences. In markets outside our geographic area we will make our selections based on city and zip code.

Big Commerce:

We are very pleased to be "Partnered" with Big Commerce our lead "video products directory" They reach across all platforms and our supported in each market by "marketing partners" with products and services from their respective areas... Example: lamps sold in Arizona will show up in our product directories for East Tennessee.

Let's Go Reeling:

Video products directory reaching across all platforms and supported in each market by our "partners". This site is dedicated to services that are better explained in an open forum such as: roofing that really needs "live chat" and a bid process. Services of this nature are better served here.

Facebook Shopping:

Coming Soon...

Video Email:

Between Constant Contact & Info USA we can reach all small businesses & consumers in any given city by zip code. Example: approximately #2700 valid email addresses for small businesses in key zip codes for the Tri-City area. Fantastic Direct Marketing Tool..!

Example: We present a "call to action": video clip taken from the video interview part of the "People You Should Know Road Show Tour" and "push it out" to key zip codes in any market. The video then sends them to Big Commerce to purchase.

Smartphone Direct Marketing:

A segment of the video package can be utilized for  targeting zip codes with Opt-in numbers in the local area.

Live Chat:

We find live chat to be an ever increasingly valuable marketing asset for our clients. We can provide additional client information and shopping cart questions regarding products & services.

Video Networking:

This is a new tool and we are excited to start using it. We film network meetings and send them "Live Stream" out via our new "Partners In America" visual portal.

The "People You Should Know Road Show Tour"©:

We begin by stating that either the parent company or a "marketing partner" will provide an "exclusive" in a local market to a Business in each category.

After selection, we invite you to try "Juice" a 15 sec promotional video clip that we will push "literally everywhere” utilizing Convergence 3.0: video+social+mobile to show the small business how our "digital marketing video strategy" really works on their behalf. The video is (complimentary) and is part a 14 day free trial. If you are impressed with what can be accomplished, we can proceed. 

The "People You Should Know Road Show Tour"© Video Production Schedule:

1.  Juice- a 15-20 sec promo video

2.  2 min content driven video based on brainstorming & U.S.P.

3.  30 sec video coupon part of

    (Half Price Thursdays) in both video showcase web sites.

 **content driven video that will be introduced to every digital sector as outlined in this D.P.R...

***    Pricing available by contacting: or a marketing partner in local market...

Smartphone App:

We will provide the consumer with a smartphone "app" that takes them directly to our video product directories...

For more information contact: William Camelot at (Video Showcase for Small Business) (F.B. Business Page) (Digital Strategy Blog for Small Businesses) (“People You Should Know Road Show Tour”©) (Video Products Directory) (Building On-Line Businesses With Partners Across America) (Video Products Directory)