FavMe is an innovative mobile app where you can share your favorite things in life with your family and friends. Favs can be anything from objects of affection, people you admire, or it could be a special moment when you're feeling great.

FavMe is about people. Sometimes, your favs are a by product of other people’s work. So why not give them some credit? FavMe is an app where you can show appreciation, by connecting a person to each of your favs. For example, you could connect the owner of your favorite restaurant, a professor who teaches your favorite class, a musician who wrote your favorite lyrics.

With FavMe, you can search which favs are trending around the world. Nearby favs show you what people are fav'ing near you. If you want look for something specific, like a tailor or where to get your next haircut, FavMe is just the place to do that.

Are you the kind of person who loves to express who you are? Then FavMe is a great place to share this as your favs say so much about you and can bring you closer to the people you love.  With each Fav, you not only express yourself but also provide a closer insight to who you are, and you can share this very easily on FavMe.

FavMe is free is join, and you can easily sign up with your email address and with your Facebook account. FavMe makes it very simple to invite your friends and family. It's always fun to see other peoples' favs.  You can easily share your favs on Facebook and Twitter. FavMe has been organized in a very simple fashion. Its two main features are "Favs” and “Connect”. A Fav is just shorthand for favorite. You can put up pictures of your favs whilst applying some cool image filters, exactly the way you like it. 'Connect' is a feature that lets you refer to someone in your Fav. If you want to pass on a good word for someone and refer them to your friends, then you connect that person to your Fav. You can connect anyone to a Fav with only an email address. You can also 'tag' other people on favs. Tagging is a great way of making sure your favs are seen by relevant FavMe friends. If you think your Fav could be useful to a friend or colleague, who is already on FavMe, then you can tag him or her. If you spot a Fav that catches your eye, you can Fav it. A Fav that get more favs from users will trend higher on "Favs of the Day" .The profile page has been organized to be simple and fun. The “MyFavs” section has all your favs organized there for you to revisit anytime. The ‘FriendsFavs” section has favs others have put up where you have been tagged on or you have Fav'd. The 'Connects' section of you profile show a list of favs that you have been connected to. The FavMe   iPhone app is available for download today with the iPad version coming out shortly. FavMe will also be available on Android based devices in the near future.

Start sharing your Favs on FavMe today!

Developer: Favorites Connect - Thailand


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