Yim Tip Delivers Hip Hop Rhymes for Suburbia

"People will make their own opinions about who I am, but at my core I still feel like a little kid trying to maintain happiness in a world that can be very unforgiving." - Yim Tip

Yim Tip represents a generation that never outgrew its rebelliousness, where people often have to compromise themselves and their wants to attain greater financial freedom. He creates a world that reflects his experiences, relatable to most children of the 90s. 

"My own uncertainty and questions about everyday life fuel my writing and the world I create." - Yim Tip

To channel his intense emotional frustrations, Yim began writing poetry at a very young age. But it took 18 years and one classic rap album to get Yim into turning those poems into musical verses. Notorious B.I.G.'s, "Ready To Die" was the album that made Yim take his talents in a new direction. "The the way he flowed and told his stories so effortlessly really captivated me." After watching 2009's Notorious, the biopic about the late great, Big Poppa, Yim Tip knew in his heart, his calling was to be a lyricist." 

After spending some time on military bases as a young child, Yim really grew up in the suburbs of Washington, D.C. His music reflects the growing secularity of life in general, with recreational drug use and partying occurring, whilst bright futures are expected of those, doing the partying. His run-ins with the law, partying, women, money, and all the other typical hip-hop subjects, all are seen through a suburban lens that is unique to his surroundings, yet proliferated across, not only the United States, but the suburbs of cities across the world. He personifies those who grew up with freedom and security, that are expected to live a certain way, but still hold on to and yearn for that adolescent freedom.

With, Suburban and White, the debut EP from northern Virginia native, Yim hopes to give back to the audience that feels like they have lost some of the freedom they had since graduating high school and college and have entered, "the real world". "My music should take people on an emotional journey, through the ups and downs of day-to-day life, while not lacking perspective.  We know who we are; our struggles aren't the greatest by any means, but sometimes the emotional weight of living unfulfilled lives can be too heavy to hold on our own. I provide support."

Yim Tip isn't certain what is next for him, but he likes it that way. He makes a concerted effort NOT to plan his future. He only knows he wants to make the most substantial impact, as he can.

"I don't need to be heard by everyone, but if there is someone out there, that can relate to what I am going through and it can help them or inspire them, then by all means I want to reach that person and let them know they are not alone." - Yim Tip

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