New Course the WordPress Accelerator Package Launched to Help People Start Their Own Online Business

Michael D Gorman an ex-IT professional has launched a six-month program to teach people how to start their own online business using the WordPress platform.

The six-month program called The WordPress Accelerator Package helps people to learn how to set up an online business from an online magazine site to an ecommerce Web Store.

Due to the recent troubled economic climate, millions of people around the world have been struggling to survive. With the cost of living increasing and wages not following suit, millions of people have been forced to take on more than one job while others have turned to Payday loans. Although the governments around the world have been trying to convince people things are on the up, unemployment is at a record high in countries such as the UK and America.

With low wages and high unemployment, many people have been looking for ways to increase their income and give their families a better way of life. One of those options is to start a new business. However, starting a new business can be a tough task especially if a person does not have the knowledge or the skill to achieve their dreams.

Michael D Gorman has come up with the solution to improving people's lives and help them achieve their dreams of starting their own business. With his six-month online skills course, he will teach people how to start their own online business to generate a real income. The course, which is based on WordPress does not require the person to have any programming skills. Through the easy to understand course, students will gain the knowledge and the skills to become an online success.

When a student enrolls on the course, they will receive a new module each month priced at just $19.95. Each module will increase the skills needed to start an online business, from learning the importance of Search Engine Optimization, to social media training.

Instead of people going to a WordPress website developer to build them an online site to start a business, the course will teach people the required skills they need, which will save them thousands of dollars.

The WordPress Accelerator Package has received rave reviews from students who have enrolled on the course. According to business professionals, it is the only course on the market that allows anyone, no matter what budget they have, to start their own online business and turn it into a real success.

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About The WordPress Accelerator Package
The WordPress Accelerator Package allows a person to start an online business with no skills and a very small budget.