Hot water is a necessity during winters, in colder regions even more so. Storage water heaters, tank-less heaters, solar water heaters, immersions and electric shower heads are some of the types of Atlanta water heaters that one can have installed in their homes. Like any other electrical appliance, they too go through wear and tear upon regular usage and may break down if something goes wrong in or around them. Some of the problems that you may face if your water heater system is not working correctly are listed below:

· The water is still cold:

You may end up having to use lukewarm water if the thermostat on your Atlanta water heater is malfunctioning. The case may simply be that someone adjusted it on a lower setting and you need to increase it back up according to your preference, or, your thermostat could indeed be working incorrectly. A lot of the times it is the former but in the latter case, you need to call a technician to look into the problem.

· The heater’s making noise:

There may be a sediment build-up at the bottom of your tank if you are hearing abnormal whirring and pounding noises from your heater. It is a good idea to call a water heater repair Atlanta service provider in order to drain the tank and clean up the sediment if it is so. Noises could also be the result of a loosening component in the interior of the heater. The technician is capable of resolving this issue as well.

· It’s not powering up

Sometimes, your water heater Atlanta GA may not turn on even though it is connected to a power supply. A gas block may be the reason or the problem may be more serious. You can look into the user manual to see if you can find a solution, but it is advisable to call a technician.

· Not getting enough hot water

There may be a fault in your water line if you are facing this problem even though the water heaters Atlanta installation is working properly. There may be a leak or freezing in the pipes, or they could have become old and rusty, choking the water supply from the main water tank to the heater. It is best to call a technician to handle the problem.

Experts who handle such type of issues are called hot water plumbers and you can hire them through any plumbing contractor. It is important to employ ones who are well-trained and highly experienced as they can pinpoint the problem exactly and save your time and expenses.

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