Actor/Producer MICHAEL MASINI Lands Indie Feature "AMERICONS" in AMC Theaters

LOS ANGELES (September 21, 2015) – Actor/Producer MICHAEL MASINI took a big leap forward when he landed his feature film, AMERICONS, in AMC Theaters earlier this year. With a shooting budget of only $185k, the distribution deal marked a feat reserved for less than one-percent of all independent films. After proving he can compete at the highest level in the entertainment business, Masini expanded his production company The Industry Artists Group, to develop more projects for Television and Film. The movie AMERICONS is to be released worldwide on September 22nd, 2015.  

Masini and fellow actor/producers Matt Medrano, created The Industry Artists Group shortly after meeting on a television show "The Protector." Looking to make their own Movies, they joined forces with actor/producers Matt Funke and Beau Williams and director Theo Avgerinos (director of indie hit "50 Pills") for AMERICONS. The group quickly established a ‘teamwork’ approach to filmmaking which proved invaluable during production. Of course, a project isn’t over once the camera stops rolling, something Masini understands from his time working at Archstone Distribution, a global film sales and distribution company.   

Masini explains, "I got to see behind the scenes and learn what it really takes to get an independent film to the big screen. There are many mistakes to avoid from pre-production through post, and after working on the Sales side for a few years I understood how to navigate around them, maximizing a successful outcome.”  

Masini also believes actors must become multi-faceted in order to excel in today’s modern entertainment marketplace, explaining "You need to diversify. I love acting but you need to love it all. Acting, writing, producing and development because we are in the business of telling stories and what better stories to tell than the ones you help create from the beginning. You need a strong team around you to support each other along the way."

Masini’s strong work ethic comes from his hockey playing days. He attended Jr Olympic Selects in Lake Placid, NY before playing on the Jr A National Champion team Vail Avalanche. Masini believes, “Passion, teamwork, creativity and thinking outside the box are the concepts you need every day in this business. I surround myself with ex-athletes, passionate artists, and successful businessmen because each has that quality and spark to excel in their chosen field and you need a diversified group of people that support each other and a core surrounding you."  

Masini always wanted to tell stories, so he took artistic passion, business acumen and teamwork foundation and focused his talents in the entertainment industry. As an actor, Masini gained attention for his roles opposite Elizabeth Banks in ABC’s hit “Modern Family,” Debra Messing in NBC’s “The Mysteries of Laura,” Michael Pena and Kristen Bell in “50 Pills”; and for his appearance in over 30 national commercials.  

Michael Masini is represented by UNTITLED ENTERTAINMENT.  

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